12/31/2006 03:04:00 pm

40 out of 52

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I did 40 movies in 2006. This is them:

1. Broken Flowers
2. The Producers
3. Memoirs of a Geisha
4. Munich
5. North Country
6. Brokeback Mountain
7. Jarhead
8. The Aristocrats
9. Match Point
10. Inside Man
11. Tsotsi
12. American Dreamz
13. Kokoda
14. Block Party
15. Mission: Impossible 3
16. V for Vendetta
17. The Da Vinci Code
18. X-Men 3
19. Three Burials
20. Poseidon
21. Over the Hedge
22. Superman Returns
23. Thank You for Smoking
24. Pirates of the Caribbean 2
25. Miami Vice
26. The Sentinel
27. Fearless
28. United 93
29. An Inconvenient Truth
30. Kenny
31. Little Miss Sunshine
32. Step Up
33. Trust the Man
34. Children of Men
35. God on My Side
36. Borat
37. Casino Royale
38. Babel
39. The Prestige
40. Night at the Museum

I don't have much more to say about 2007. It was pretty good. I like my house and the people in it. And my family. And my work. And my friends. And my youth group. Yep.

I'd give the year 40 out of 52 too.

12/30/2006 11:58:00 pm


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Spent the day location scouting with Matt. It was good hanging out with Matt for a day. He's a good man.

Then Commie House and the Gowies went Putt Putt golfing. I wasn't real good. But I got better.

I'm really enjoying all this time off. So much time spent doing nothing. It's wonderful. Hooray for the quiet time of year.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll do the movie list for the year.

Tonight I should sleep.

12/29/2006 01:10:00 am


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I was in the video store in Enmore with Mil and Jem tonight and a man came up to me and said "Tom French?"

I replied "Yes". I had no idea who the man was.

"I read your blog sometimes."

Wow. Recognised in a video store.

Turns out he is a friend of Lesley's and he reads her blog. We didn't have much more of a conversation than that. He didn't ask me to sign anything. And I didn't find out his name. Oh well.

Hello Man in the Video Store.

Next time I meet a random off the street who recognises me from one of my many fame creating activities, I hope they get a photo with me and tell me they named their first child after me. That'd be pretty cool.

We ended up getting Fever Pitch, the 1997 one, not the Adam Sandler one. It wasn't very good. Colin Firth's character was an idiot who I spent the whole movie hoping the girl would break up with him and leave him for good. It doesn't say much for a romantic comedy when that happens. The Adam Sandler one, dare I say it, was actually much better.

And then Ryan, Martin and I watched Once Upon a Time in China which was cool. Rather silly in the silly Kung Fu movie kinda way, but much more enjoyable then the other one.

12/28/2006 12:53:00 am

Small Steps

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My room cleaning efforts have led to me spending all day cleaning (with a movie, some book reading and eating in between) and finished now with my room looking almost exactly the same.

However if you look under the surface of the mess, things are a lot neater. Good on me.

Ryan and I watched The Prestige and it was great.

12/27/2006 03:38:00 pm

Aim High

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I've set myself the goal of cleaning my room by the end of January. If I succeed in that I might aim to be in Parliment by the end of 2007.

It could happen.

12/26/2006 05:51:00 pm

Christmas Makes You Look Hot

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Christmas 06.jpg

Auntie Lys, Me and Jo

12/25/2006 11:47:00 am


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Christmas to you all.

I'm at Church and I just finished service number 5 in the 25 hour Church Service Marthathon. I did PowerPoint and I actually enjoyed it. I like PowerPoint. And seeing as I'm not sure the rest of my family made it to church, I'm happy I got to a Christmas day service.

Soon it's off to the Relis to do the cousins thing.

Last night I squeezed in a family do with Grandpa, Valentina and some wonderful extras. It was nice. Though short. I had only 2 hours between services.

Oh and Christmas with the house yesterday morning was lovely too. Hot chocolate and wonderful people. And good presents. It's all been very plesent.

I'm a little over the whole church service thing though.

But I won't be back here till Thursday! Hooray two days off! Merry Christmas!

12/23/2006 11:56:00 pm

So this is...

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Christmas must be here because our lounge room is full of presents and micro sized nativity scenes. I wrapped all my presents. That must be a first because I don't think I've ever had everything wrapped before the 25th in my whole life.

Actually there is still one present to go, but it's strategically left unwrapped.

Today feels like Christmas Eve, because tomorrow is full of present giving and Church. Between now and midday on the 25th I will have been to 5 services. Hoi! I'll take my own comfy chair to church so I'm relaxed with all that servicing.

I have to do a talk at the family service tomorrow but I don't know what I'm going to say. I'm dry. I've done 9 different Christmas talks in the past 4 years. There are only so many worthwhile angles you can take. I'll figure something out.

Well one should sleep. It's Commie House Christmas in the morning. Hot Chocolates, Presents, and Communist Propaganda. Hooray!

12/23/2006 12:18:00 am


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Transformers looks like it's gonna be real cool.

12/22/2006 11:59:00 pm

Modern Little

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I was in The Little Modern Fish and Chip Shop today buying dinner and it was good to be back. They're the friendliest Greek couple in Fish and Chip Shop that I've ever met. Not that I've met too many of them. They recognised me even though I haven't been in for years, and asked me how I was. They asked if I was still working as a Youth Worker, and they told me that they saw the Gowies in the paper and that they were very beautiful. They asked if I still live in the area and inquired about the state of my love life.

I love the shops that remember you. The man at the Indian place in Westfield Hornsby always asks me how I'm finding life in Enmore and how my tooth is.

If I ever become a shop keeper I want to be like that. But I wouldn't be. I'm too shy.

12/22/2006 12:42:00 am


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Year four of Youth Ministry at my church has ended with a pool party. I'm tired. As usual I really like the people in my youth group.

I spent a while playing Lock-On with two of the guys in my small group this afternoon. That was fun.

One day someone should invent a form of youth ministry that's all of the fun and none of the work.

I have to go away now and dream it all up again. I hope I can.

12/20/2006 12:20:00 am


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In the past two days I've had emails from people in Tamworth and Kenya asking me if I'd be interested in coming to speak at various events. They found me through ChristianSpeakers.com.au.

To the Tamworth people I said I'd be keen and sent them some sample messages of mine. They may chose someone else to speak, but it's nice to be considered. The Kenyans I haven't written back to. This is because being asked to go to Kenya to speak is a pretty bizarre idea that's never crossed my mind before. But who knows what God is doing, so I'll pray and get back to that one soon.

12/20/2006 12:06:00 am

Too Late

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Just after writing the last post about being tired I found a DVD in Ryan's room of Birth. So I thought "I'll just start watching this and turn it off and go to sleep." 98 minutes later, I finished the film and went to sleep. How silly.

However the film itself wasn't bad. After all the controversy about the film, it wasn't really a big deal. It was rather strange, Nicole Kidman falling in-love with a 10 year old and all. But it was rather sweet in the end. You'd know what I mean if you saw it. It wasn't romantic comedy sweet, though, no sir. There wasn't a Meg Ryan, Hugh Grant, or Tom Hanks to be seen, and thank God for that.

Today I didn't do much at all, and it was great. I did read a lot of U2 by U2 and I'm having a wonderful time.

12/19/2006 12:02:00 am

Too Early

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I got up too early this morning, which meant I was tired. I've had trouble all day finishing sentences. I guess it comes with the

12/17/2006 11:49:00 pm


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Church was really interesting tonight. We had Cafe Church which is usually evangelistic, but we didn't push it that way. So we did an evangelistic service but I'm not sure many people thought to invite friends. Jamie led worship at our church for the first time in perhaps years. It was good to have him back, if only for a special guest appearance.

I preached tonight. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I didn't really like the sermon. I'm not sure how other people view their sermons but I make a big deal of them. Every sermon I'm looking for magic (if you can say that). Each one feels like a new work of art that I'm putting on display. Or perhaps like a new film that I'm releasing. I'm always keenly aware that this could be the flop but I'm looking for greatness. Perhaps one day I'll find it.

I say this because nothing else in my life gets the same type of attention that a sermon does. But I went in tonight feeling under-prepared. And while a bad sermon that got thoroughly prepared is hard. A mediocre sermon that was completely under prepared feels a lot worse. I guess because it feels second rate, like it could have been great but it wasn't. Like Pop maybe.

But I had the choice between 4 days in Forster and an underworked sermon, or no holiday and a good sermon. I chose the holiday. And I think it was right, I needed the break. But that doesn't make the sermon feel any better.

What I did was grab an old sermon and re-work it evangelistically for a younger congregation. It all felt a bit messy and patched together. The old one was good. This one wasn't nearly as neat. I think I would have rathered work on a new one from scratch.

Preaching it was hard too. I think because the sermon was evangelistic but I knew most of the people hadn't come thinking evangelism, and 98% of the people in the room were Christians.

Usually you preach evangelisticly and you can feel the room coming with you a bit. They're all cheering you on because they want to see people become Christians too. But tonight felt different. People were tireder, less interested, in party mode, the sermon wasn't pitched at them, and they didn't have any friends they wanted to see saved. It is an odd feeling preaching an evangelistic sermon to a room full of Christians. It's preaching to the converted.

So that's my sermon debrief. I guess I just had to get that off my chest. Now I'll go to bed. I'm looking forward to the next time I preach. Always am I guess.

12/17/2006 12:34:00 am

Too Late

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It's too late to be up writing a sermon.

This is what four days of holidays does to you.

Actually, whenever I write sermons I'm always up this late the night before, so it's nothing to do with holidays. I envy those preachers who write their sermons sitting at polished wooden desks on Wednesday mornings, staring at birds sitting in tress and the Lord's nature frolicking through the green paddocks that are just outside their study windows.

12/15/2006 11:42:00 pm


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I just returned from Forster where I've been for the past few days since Tuesday, hense no blogging.

I went with some of the Young Adults from church. And I'd give a detailed run down on the events of the week but really there isn't much to say. I didn't make it to the beach once. I spent a lot of time sitting or lying around reading, or talking, or watching DVDs or Cricket. I slept in. And slept on couches. I played Lock On in a park late at night with 15 people. I learnt poker. I drank a lot of beer (by my standards) and ate un-healthy food. The most happiest moment was waking up on the first morning and thinking "I would love fish and chips for breakfast" so off we went and had fish and chips and a buddy for breakfast. Oh yeah.

So I had a good time. The people were all fun. I really enjoyed hanging out. I got to know people better. No stress, felt loved, it was all good. I needed that.

12/11/2006 11:57:00 pm

Dr Pankey and his Merry Dentists

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So I went to the Hygienist today thinking that it was important for the tooth implant. That's what they told me on the phone. The Hygienist has a look and tells me things are looking much better. Probably thanks to my two weeks of flossing and mouth washing back in August.

Then they called my Dentist in. He had a look and was in a rush. But he said "You need to be flossing. And I want you to read a book by Dr Pankey called "The Cross of Life". It will be good to teach it to your young people. I don't have much time but I'll talk to you for a little bit." And I think he's about to talk to me about my teeth. But he stands up in front of me, while I'm still in the chair, tells me to floss than give me a ten minute explanation on why the book, "The Cross of Life" (or is it "A Philosophy of the Practice of Dentistry"), is so important for me and youth ministry ("Because it teaches balance"). Dr Pankey apparently is a Christian. My dentist is Jewish, but he likes Pankey anyway. It was very interesting, though I never expected to get a sermon to an audience of one from my Dentist while sitting in the Hygienist's chair.

Anyway, I went off to pay thinking that I'd be covered by insurance, but it turns out this was just a general hygiene check and x-ray and the like. Nothing to do with the implant. So it cost $340. That hurt. I didn't wake up this morning expecting that expense. This is looking to be a most expensive Christmas.

12/10/2006 11:11:00 pm


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I woke up with these lyrics in my head:

Yeah, and she's always dressed in white
She moves like an angel
And she burns my eyes

They're Damien Rice lyrics that are wrong. But I woke up with them, so they seemed to have that magical quality of having managed to sneak across the sleep/waking divide. So now I've blogged them.

12/09/2006 09:58:00 pm

Excessive Force

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From SMH:

Ray Castillo, one of the victims of the broken strap issue...admits he was playing with excessive force at the time.

"I would say that I was playing with excessive force when the Wii strap broke," he said.

Insightful reporting.

12/09/2006 12:15:00 am

Gum Bum

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I got rung by the dentist's assistant today to confirm my appointment for Monday. She asked me if I could come an hour earlier because the Dentist had decided he wanted me to see the Hygienist because I'm due to see her again. That was sad. I don't want to see the Hygienist. When they told me to see her again in 6 months back in June I was planning to conveniently forget. But alas, my conscientious Dentist has remembered for me. And now I'm going to get in trouble because the special pack she gave me of things to cause pain to my gum with, quickly disappeared under my bed. So I haven't done any of the things she told me to do.

Anyway, I guess on Monday she'll poke my gums with a big, metal prong, make me bleed and tell me I'm going to die if I don't floss more. I guess I can cope with that.

12/08/2006 09:41:00 am


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I think I may have the spiritual gift of buying concert tickets. I'm going to Damien Rice and John Mayer next year.

12/08/2006 01:21:00 am


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Bond was good.

12/06/2006 10:06:00 pm


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I'm home from the extravagant get away. It was pretty good. 5-star luxury, bath robes, king sized bed, and a 3 roomed villa all to myself. I felt very blessed. Steve, Stephen and I spent plenty of time talking about the important things for next year and beyond. And we spent plenty of time eating good food and sitting in spas. It was good.

9 is quickly becoming great. I'm going to see Damien in February. Woot!

I was meant to go to a cocktail party tonight, but I bailed because I was running late, I didn't have any clothes to wear and I was scared.

12/05/2006 09:16:00 am


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Due to a kindly, generous parishioner, I'm off to the Hunter for two days of 5-Star staff meetings here. Never has church business been so posh.

12/04/2006 05:52:00 pm


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So now we have Rudd as our Opposition leader. I'm pretty happy about that. Now I'm working at learning about him. In his recent article in The Monthly he wrote concerning the relationship between Christians and the state:

I argue that a core, continuing principle shaping this engagement should be that Christianity...must always take the side of the marginalised, the vulnerable and the oppressed.


The function of the church in all these areas of social, economic and security policy is to speak directly to the state: to give power to the powerless, voice to those who have none, and to point to the great silences in our national discourse where otherwise there are no natural advocates.

I'm pretty happy with that. I'm hope he follows through, then he'd be a champ! I may even vote for him.

I must say that I'm pretty sad for Beazley. How terrible to loose your brother on the day you loose your job as leader of the Opposition. Of course loosing your brother would be the hardest part. But it all much suck for him right now.

12/03/2006 11:33:00 pm


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I may be paying a little bit of attention to the Ashes.

12/03/2006 11:25:00 pm

Ruddy Complexion

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Tomorrow Rudd and Gillard make their move on the Labor leadership. I do hope they get it. Not that I have much against Kim, but I don't have much for him either. Rudd seems to be friendly on the social justice stuff. And Gillard's a bit a of a champ. And if they can beat the Government, Yeehaa! Though I don't know a huge amount about either of them and I haven't had time to do my reading since the contest came up.

I hope tomorrow makes Australia turn out nicer.

12/02/2006 11:04:00 pm


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12 on. 12 off. 12 on. 12 off. 12 on.

As much as I like my job the whole 12 hour day thing, three days in a row isn't looking appealing.

But I did get to jump on a jumping castle at our Kids' Day today, I'll tell ya, that's wicked fun. I want my own one.

It is fun spending a whole day running around with kids. I'm a little sick of people in my youth group having to go to hospitals and medical centres though. I didn't make the trip this time though, being 2IC at Kids' Club meant that I was left cleaning the church. An honour when you're the XO.

12/01/2006 11:35:00 pm

Cha-Chingle Bells

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It's the first day of December and I started doing some Christmas shopping. Don't say that I'm not the man.

Of course I think I bought just as much stuff for myself as I did for other people. Like U2 18 Singles Special Edition with book and DVD. I didn't really want the cd, I have all those songs (except one), I wanted the DVD. It's Live in Milan in a Stadium. It will remind me of Sydney. Although I just watched it, and it doesn't. Everyone looks Italian. But still it's fun.

I also got 9 Damian Rice's new one. I'll tell ya, some lady really screwed him over 'cause he's sounding pretty cut up. It a good cd, I think it's going to be really good, perhaps great. Although I'm looking forward to the day when I break up with someone because I think that's when I will really appreciate the album. All I'll listen to is 9 and Continuum and I'll feel good about feeling so bad.

Woke up and for the first time the animals were gone
It's left this house empty now, not sure if I belong
Yesterday you asked me to write you a pleasant song
I'll do my best now, but you've been gone for so long
- Damien Rice

11/30/2006 11:13:00 pm

Photos Make a Blog Look Good

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At U2.jpg

I thought even though my digital camera is dead, I'll steal someone elses photos. This is us at U2.

Thanks Tim.

11/30/2006 11:00:00 pm

A Few Hours

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Some days are harder than others. But there certainly were a few hours of happy goodness in there today.

11/29/2006 11:53:00 pm


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I went and did the Christmas Assembly today at the primary school and they laughed at my jokes. It was reported by a year 6 friend of mine that even the year sixes laughed, which means I won. The year six crew are always the audience I'm playing for because they're the toughest nuts to crack.

I walked out into the play ground and the boys who had been acting in the scripture play were in front of me wearing big sunnies and looking very Hollywood. There were a few girls in year four who had developed crushes on the and followed at a distance asking me for their email addresses.

I, on the other hand, got mobbed by kids in infants school. They seem to express their affection by punching you and trying to pull your pants down. I sat down on a bench to stop them from taking my clothes and they all sat on top of me, like 20 of them. The whole child protection thing was making me feel rather uncomfortable at this stage. When I tried to leave they wouldn't let me go. They blocked my path and I couldn't touch them to move the out of my way because of them old CP guidelines. For the first time in my life (but I'm sure not the last) I thought "I need a bodyguard!".

In the end I managed to escape when some of the actors came through the playground and the kids went off to punch them. I ended up signing a few autographs for some of the remaining kids, "Mr French", and chatting about something or other till the bell went.

I visited the staff room after that because there was meant to be a morning tea on for the Scripture Teachers. The room was packed full of people I didn't recognise so I got a glass of water, skulled it, then left. I don't think anyone noticed I was ever there.

11/28/2006 10:46:00 pm


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I did go to the beach today, I did have fun and I did get burnt.

Then I went to hang out with my Little Brother. We went to Homebush Aquatic Centre and aquated around. It was good fun. I did feel a little old and hairy to be playing on the water slide and in the rapids, but that's ok. I'm used to feeling a little old for the fun I partake in. We had fun.

When I drop my LB off I went in and hung around with his family a bit. They invited me to stay for dinner, so I did. It was really nice. They're a pretty hectic family. But I like them lots. I got to look at his little sister's home work, read a book with his little brother. And eat dinner with the whole family. I had fun.

Tomorrow I'm off to the Public School to do my Annual Christmas Stand-Up Routine. I hope I'm still "the funny guy." I could be a flop. Actually I should worry about the message, but that doesn't give you an instant response like laughter does, so it's hard to worry about it as much.

I hope I'm funny and effective. Yeppers.

11/28/2006 09:29:00 am

Getting Personal

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Hello Liam.

I just thought I'd say "Hi" because I know you're out there at some computer somewhere. I know that right now you're thinking of me. Actually, even if you're not Liam, right now you're thinking of me. For as long as you're reading this blog I will be forefront in your mind. Or at least, some of the front. So perhaps I'll keep typing to continue to hold this prime place in your neuro-lobes. That's a medical term I made up.

Anyway, Liam. I just wanted to say "Hello". I did enjoy standing with you shooting the poop on the verandah of the Skiffity club on Saturday. You looked rather swish in the most platonic of man complimentary ways.



P.S. Hi Mum.

11/27/2006 10:47:00 pm


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I'm going to the beach tomorrow. Rayhoo!

11/26/2006 11:58:00 am


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Tonight on Christian radio I heard a 14 year old say, on the subject of singleness, that if you don't have a partner either it's either because "God is testing you, or there's someone just around the corner." If only it were that simple.

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Make Show, Make Weddings, Make Watch Movie

Impact went rather well yesterday. It was good doing it in a professional theatre this time. Quick bump in, quick bump out. I get put on the side of the stage with the DVD player. It meant I missed watching the show, but I got to see all the performers and hang with the stage crew. I felt a little guilty because my job mainly involves me pressing "Skip Chapter" on a DVD remote for two hours. Everyone else performs or runs around or stuff like that. I just press a button or two.

The DVD for Part One was way smooth, no worries. The DVD for Part Two was a worry. It skipped a few times, made little sounds here and there and threatened to pack it in. I think it was a bad burn of the DVD. I only discovered this as we were performing because we didn't get to do a tech run or dress rehearsal for Part Two yesterday. Oh well. It made it through. The show was good. We went to the pub after which was happy.

Today I didn't catch the ferry. I was going to Manly because I had two weddings, both in Manly. I thought catching the ferry would be fun. Which it would have been. But in the end I chose not to because I couldn't find anywhere to store a book as I traveled.

Wedding One, Mike and Kristen, was at 9:30am. Very early for a wedding. I think I like the idea of an early wedding. Maybe because it makes the whole thing seem a bit fresh and new. It was a nice, straight forward wedding. It was good to see my friends, even some friends who I hadn't seen the night before. I didn't get to say "Hello" to Mike and Kristen, but "Yip!" for them.

Wedding Two, Graham and Ange, was at midday, so I had to kill a bit of time hanging out on the Corso. I talked to the wedding stragglers for as long as possible then perused the shops looking for wedding presents. I found none. That filled enough time for me to be a few minutes early to the wedding.

I was worried at this one that I wouldn't know any people, but there turned out to be a few of my ex-college mates, and the college dean there, so I had people to talk to.

The wedding nice. Even more traditional than the first one. No singing, just organ. But I liked it. It was short and two the point. None of this extravagant production stuff. So I was happy.

During photo time I went out to have a steak and a beer with Meg and Dave, me old married, college mates. They were fun and made sure I wasn't a loner while regailing me with insights into the ashes and stories of Guy Sebastian.

We went to the Wedding reception and recepted the wedded ones. That was more college reunion and happy times to be had.

So congrats to Kristen and Mike and Ange and Graham.

Tonight Ryan and I saw Borat. It was funny, and very rude. I'm not sure what my verdict is yet. I hope it wasn't real people being set up, but I think it was. That was rather mean I think.

Now I sleep.

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If that was Impact, we've done it.

Now it's bed time. I'm getting up at 6am because I'm catching a Ferry tomorrow! Woohoo!

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We went to see Keating tonight at Belvoir St. It's a musical about the politcal career of Paul Keating. It's very, very funny. Grandpa, you should see it, you'd like it.

I have the feeling none of the audience were Liberal voters. They were pretty happy to see Alexander Downer in drag and John Howard being... John Howard. I think it was the most enjoyable Belvoir production in ages.

I think The West Wing should have done a musical episode like Buffy.

I've got "Keating" in the headings of two posts in a row. Who'd have thought we'd see that day? Probably no-one, because, let's admit it, nobody spends much time thinking about possible trends in the headings of my blog posts, not even me, and I love myself.

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Ain't No John Keating

I had my last ever scripture lesson with my year sixes at the primary school today. I was determined to have a good lesson. But traffic was bad, so I didn't get to plan. However that didn't matter in the end because a small but significant group talked the whole way through the lesson which meant that we didn't get anything done. Most of the class talked. But some of the class talked, and shouted, and ran around all the time.

One kid, I told him to stop talking and turn around for 30 seconds straight before he did it. And it wasn't that he just didn't hear me. I was standing right in front of him, he'd look at me, then just kept talking. I ended up keeping some of them back for a bit of recess. It was rather sad because you want your last class to leave good memories. But alas.

One girl, as she was walking out of the class room said "Thanks for tolerating my bad behaviour". At least she noticed.

You'd think that after having two straight demoralising years you'd cut your losses and get out. But I walked out of the school today determined to go back next year and get it right. That may be a silly idea but I want to beat this one, I think I believe in the concept too much. And I like the kids too. I loved that class. If only I could just be their friend.

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Happy Day

Sleep in - Beach - Lie around reading a book - Pub with Mum - BBQ with house - Fouting (Food outing) for Ice Cream with House - West Wing - Sleep

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Feel the Love

I taught Scripture at the local High School today. It's always tough and rewarding.

My favourites tend to be the year 10s. Today I had my last lesson ever with them. I think the like me, although it's hard to tell how often they're just taking the piss.

We spent a fair chunk of the lesson talking about homosexuality. Which was fine. Although I don't really like talking about it because it just makes Christians look like bigots. But we all got a few laughs out of it even if no-one came to a better understanding of anything.

After the class I was walking through the school and found a bunch of the year 10 guys in front of me. They started blocking my path and saying "Tom, it's time for group hug." I suddenly had worries about child protection. But decided it would be better to hug a bunch of year 10 guys. So I gave in was enveloped in a hug of 4 or 5 year 10 guys all of who were bigger then me. Then another saw the fun and jumped on to and accidentally punched me in the head.

It was a nice way to end my four years of scripture teaching with those guys. I felt the love.

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Walk Cat

I went on a bush walk today from somewhere to Otford. It was with one of the guys in my youth group, his dad and two other men they knew. It was a bit of fun. They were good blokes. I do like bush walking. If only I would do it more often.

Biggest problem of the day was that I had to be in Otford at 8am after finishing DVD burning at 2:30am. That was a rather painful experience.

Then I came home tonight and was offered a ticket to The Cat Empire at the Enmore tonight. So thinking that I shouldn't waste an opportunity I went.

They were fun. Good music. Problem was that I didn't know the songs and I wasn't with people I knew very well, so it was all a little surreal. But I'm pretty sure I'm glad I went. At least now I can say I've seen The Cat. And it's just made my year of live music that little bit bigger.

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Sometimes I hate burning DVDs.

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As funny and offensive as Borat is, I'm a bit bored of him at the moment. In every interview I've seen he has all the same jokes. I'm bored of hearing that his sister is "number 4 prostitute in all Kazakhstan" and I'm bored of hearing that if he finds a new wife he'll get a red dress for her off the corpse of his dead wife. I think it'd be more fun if all his answers weren't pre-scripted. It's not like he's trying to avoid saying something offensive.

That's a good title of mine isn't it. I'm thinking of becoming a Copy Editor.

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Black and Shiny

I got four new tyres today. They drive nice. But the man told me my suspension is shot. So I'll be off to Pedders soon. Hooray!

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It's exam time again and I've done 19 minutes of study. That's a whole 24 seconds more than the last exam. I'm improving. Small steps.

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Shirts Off Has Begun

We (Hayley, Ryan, Mil and I) started "Shirts Off Summer 06/07" today with a trip to the beach. It was fun. I am now well burnt in the non-tanned parts of me. Cancer and brown here I come.

We had chips and scallops for lunch. Yum.

My new car stereo is fun. It plays cds and sounds nice.

I went of meeting for Big Brother Big Sister tonight. It was training for Bigs on Sexuality and how to deal with related issues with their littles. I was a bit scared because I figured being a Christian I was probably going have different ideas from most of the people in the room. I didn't really want to have to tell everyone my views on sex, but I figured that there was a chance I might. So I started bracing myself for feeling like a religious, conservative, prude. But happily, the only time I had to express and opinion I sided with the vast majority of the group because the questions were only on Sex Education. So I was happy with that.

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Disclaimer: I'm going to seem like a gushing fan boy here. But I guess that's what I am.

Ahh, yeah.

It's been 5 days since I last saw U2. And I'm still feeling happy. Mention the concert to me and I can't help but smile.

While I had been planning for a while to camp out, I decided just to go early. The problem was that I couldn't figure out what I'd do with a tent on the dance floor.

We got up early. 6am. It was the first time I've been awake at 6am and happy for, well, ever I think. Jo and I went for an early morning trek into our suburb buy supplies for our day, fruit, bread, chocolate biscuits. That kind of thing. We took our food home, and after some frenetic food creation, noisy concert DVDs, and excitable chatter, Helen, Jon, Jo, Martin and I headed off to Sydney Olympic Park to get in a line.

And after parking in Newington, line up we did. From 9am to 5:30pm. What I learnt in that time was that when a line starts moving 5 hours before the gates open, it's not because the gates have opened early. Over the day the line, at random moments, would move closer to the entrance squashing everyone closer together, meaning that whenever we'd staked out a good spot in the line with plenty of space we'd lose it and have to re-establish our territory again. It was important to establish a large amount of territory because we started in the line with five people, and we ended at about 5:10pm with 11* of us. So we spent most of the day handing out tickets and ushering our friends into the line. I'm not sure if they was the polite thing to do but no one seemed to know.

As we got closer to the concert conversation moved from our normal topics (whatever they are) to U2. Gem got us playing a U2 lyrics game. When Tim arrived he firmly got me swapping U2 facts and competing for Alpha U2 fan. We discussed the set list and most importantly we talked about how to get into the inner sanctum, the restricted area at the front for only the chosen few. I thought that it was going to be by random selection like it's been for the arena tours. But one of our acquaintances we met in the crowd suggested that it might be the first 4,000 people into the stadium. With this possibility, and knowing that no matter what we wanted a good spot, we decided to run (or walk a swiftly as possible) as soon as we got through the gates.

When 5:30 arrived, the gates were opened, the crowd cheered and we all surged forward. As we headed towards the gates (or the two gates as it turned out, security then turnstiles) we trampled peoples pillows and refuse from days of camping. As soon as we were through we were all ushered down the ramp into the stadium. It was cool, it was like we were a band entering the stadium to play our show except there were thousands of us in the band. We walked by catering people, and trucks and portaloos. We saw the blue line from the Sydney 2000 Marathon leading into the stadium. I got flash backs of where I have seen that line all over Sydney. And I imagined what it would have been like to be running down that line after 42kms (or is it 43kms) of running through the hot Sydney sun. And for me, I was at the end too, I was at the climax of a journey with U2 that started about 9 years ago when I borrowed a few CDs off Bevis. Around that time U2 were out here with PopMart, and I thought "That'd be fun to see, but I can't afford it". And now, years later, I'm walking swiftly into a stadium to see the biggest rock band in the world, who have just so happened to become my favourite rock band in the world. The band that have played the soundtrack to my life for almost a decade. They've been there in the joy, and the love, and the sadness, and the lostness, and the faithfulness, and the faithlessness. The band that I've dreamed about seeing for years, both daydreams and real dreams. The band that make me want to be a worship leader so I can get the whole church singing "All I Want is You" (not that they would).

So here I am, with 10 of my closest friends, being told by security guards "Don't Run!". We come out into the stadium, and there it is, the Vertigo stage. The stage that I've been staring at in photos and videos on the internet for months, and it's right in front of my. And I can see the inner-sanctum ahead. It's a whole football field away. People are streaming in. There's no random selection process, just the first 4,000 or so people. I want to get there quicker, but I can't run. And then we're at the gates. I'm expecting the security guards to stop us and say, "Sorry, no more" they have their little clickers out. But they don't make any move. I enter the gate, and they don't stop me, and I'm in, were all in. the stage is there. Just metres ahead of us. I can't believe it. It really is like a dream. It's red, it's black, it's real. Yeah.

We get a spot at the end of the catwalk. We're less than five metres away from where Bono and friends are going to be. I can't believe it. I keep looking at the spot, thinking "That's where Bono is going to be, that's where Larry is going to be, that's where Adam's going to be, that's where the Edge is going be." It's wonderful.

So we settle down for a few more hours of waiting. We sit to secure our position and to rest our weary legs. All day I've been limiting my water intake to make sure I'm only drinking as much as I'm using. I don't want to have to visit the toilet.

I think it's time to switch back to past tense

After a few hours, at 7:30ish, Kanye West came out. I'd been looking forward to him for a while. Because as far as hip-hop goes I quite like him. And he did alright. I felt a bit sorry for him because he's so talented, but lots of people weren't paying attention and he had dodgy sound. "Gold Digger", "Jesus Walks" and "Touch the Sky" were fun. There were two older men standing next to us who thought Kanye was pretty fun. They kept saying things like "I'm afraid I'm actually getting into this" and "All these young people know all the words, I'm not as young as I was."

When Kanye finished we had a bit of a wait again. All the roadies ran out onto the stage to clear things up. Take lights down, put new stuff down, test guitars and their radio gear. We got The Egde and Adam's guitar techs walking down the catwalk. Even that was fun, because they're minor celebrities in U2 fandom.

When 8:30 was almost upon us, and the roadies were almost finished, the rain arrived. Suddenly, the stage filled with roadies again, covering everything with plastic. "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire began to play. And we began to cheer because "Wake Up" is the last song that plays before U2 come out. And then the lights go out. The speakers start shouting at us "Everyone! Everyone! Everyone!" The music starts, "City of Blinding Lights", and the lights come up and there's The Edge on the guitar, Adam on his Bass, Larry on the drums. And theres a commotion to my right, and there, right there, just metres are away, is Bono, at the end of a catwalk wearing an Australian flag.

And they're off. And the concert is fantastic. Everyone is singing as loud as they can. I'm jumping. And it's so much fun. The massive screen is filled with lights, the rain is coming down, and it's magic.

From "City" they go into "Vertigo" which is just good fun. All jumping and singing, red lights, guitars and drums. "I feel your love teaching me how to kneel". Amen.

Then it's "Elevation". The cut down version that they've been doing for this tour. I haven't been a big fan, but as soon as the rock kicks in, it goes off. It's a great song, it reminds me of College Tour 2002 because I edited the video of the tour to that song. It'll always remind me of they tour. It was a good tour.

"Until the End of the World" - "Jesus, this is Judas". The Edge plays guitar like a rock god. Or perhaps like a man possessed. Either way he's can play. And I well I love this song too. Surprise, Surprise.

"New Years Day" followed by "Beautiful Day" with a special insert about "See the Opera House, all white sails right in front of you." Which was fun, though not as good as the original lyrics. Bono ends "Beautiful Day" singing "Hallelujah", and it's goose bumps. Bono can lead worship in my church anytime he wants to, even if he does sometimes swear.

They do "Yahweh" acoustic and I can see Gem, Jem, Jo and Mil go a little nuts. They love that song. I consider how often it is that rock bands sing songs with named after the God of the Hebrews. Not all that often I reckon.

"Walk On" comes next, and that's great. The screen fills with animated Aboriginal art work and it's beautiful. I'm not a big fan of Aboriginal art, but when it's animated to U2 live, it's great. And it's moving, because it's a cry for the indigenous people of Australia. It's a special song and it seems entirely appropriate when played in Australia that it's given to the Aborigines.

Next comes "Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own", a staple song of this tour. Bono tells us that if his father were here tonight he tell him to "take off your f***ing glasses" so he does.

Now it's into the "war" section of the set, "Love and Peace", "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "Bullet the Blue Sky". This is cool. So much anger, so much violence in the music. Bono plays his drum at the end of "Love and Peace" at our end the cat walk. He's just there drumming just near us. We can hear the drum when he actually hits it, not when it comes out of the speakers and gets to us. It's weird because it sounds like he's playing out of time.

In "Sunday Bloody Sunday" my favourite bit of the whole show happens. Preempting Bono the whole crowd starts chanting "No more! No more! No more!" And I get shivers down my spine because it feels like we have decided we don't need Bono to leads to call for peace anymore, we don't need Bono, we want justice all on our own. It feels like we own the anger at the terrible things of this world. We're not the audience anymore, we're the leaders. And it feels so good. We're not cheering for a band anymore, were shouting for change.

Bono puts his hand over his mouth.

"Bullet" was cool. Edge's solo is electrifying. I love that song. "Angriest guitar in rock and roll" The Edge is the Man.

"Pride" follows and how can you not love a classic!

Then it's "Where the Streets Have No Name" and this is the song I've been waiting for. If I had to pick one song to see live it'd be this one. And I love it. When the white lights kick in half-way through it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Although probably not because I'm quite hairy and there's a lot of them. But I can tell they really want to stand up and they give it their best shot. The Spirit is in the house! Hallelujah!

For "One" we all pull out our mobiles and the stadium fills with thousands of tiny points of white light all dancing about. It looks amazing. I text my name to end poverty.

And then U2 are finished, at least they pretend to be. But after a lot of cheering the Zoo poker machine video kicks in and they're back with "Zoo Station" and "The Fly" I love "The Fly".

"A man will rise
A man will fall
From the sheer face of love
Like a fly from a wall"

"With or Without You" ends the encore. Bono gets up a girl to dance with and she freaks out. She can't do anything but stand there and scream. Or at least she looks like she's screaming, I can't hear her. But despite her screaming the song is lovely.

When they leave for the second time Bono says "Good night from Bono" then gives the mic to Larry who says "Good night from Bono", Adam mumbles something and The Edge tells us to go to bed. And I want to, I really want to, because the Edge tells me to. And if The Edge tells you, you obey. But I stay because I know there's another encore coming.

And so it does. With "The Saints Are Coming". It's only the second time they've played this song live without Green Day and it's so cool. They seem to be getting back to their punk roots. That song rocks.

"Angel of Harlem" makes me feel a little lost because I know the chorus but not all the verses, damn scratched CD of Howie's. I'll have to go buy it.

And the last song of the night is "Kite" brought out especially for Australian audiences, complete with a didgeridoo player. Right at the end, standing next to us, Bono lets off a kite attached to a helium balloon which is attached to the stage. To let it go he tries to burn the string, but the lighter doesn't light it. Then he tries to pull break the string with his hands, but he can't do that either, so he hands it to a roadie who cuts the string. The kite flies off into the sky till it gets stuck on the massive screen. Finally right at the end, the kite gets caught by the wind and flies off into the night.

And then U2 are gone.

It was very, very special.

I'm a happy man. I walked back to the car, sore, thirsty, hungry and full of joy. It was all I wanted it to be.

I didn't go again on Monday, not because I didn't want to, but I though, once is enough. I didn't want to ruin the specialness. Once is a gracious gift. And I'm content.

When they come back, I'll be there.

*All up there was Jo, Helen, Jon, Mil, Martin, Jem, Gem, Tim, Howie and Jenny. My Auntie was also there with a ticket we got for her, but she cam too lat to join us, that was sad.

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We had a man from Creation Ministries come to church last night. It was interesting. Good because it exercised my brain. But it was a little disappointing the way he presented his views. He basically said that the literal 6-day creation is the only way to view Genesis, and that if you don't believe that then the Gospel is at stake. It was all rather black and white.

My problem wasn't that I don't believe in the literal 6-day creation (well, I'm not sure about it at least, I have no idea how the world was created, beyond the fact that God did it) but that he spoke as if that was the only right view point. I think the issue is too unclear and debated amongst all types of Christians to write off every other view point. I'm happy for there to be 6 day believers, I'm happy for there to be 6 period believers, I'm happy for there to be all sorts of believers. I want to hold on to God's creation of the world, the perfection of the creation at the beginning, the uniqueness of humanity created in the divine image, and the entrance of death and evil into the world through humanity's choice. After that, I'm happy for us to debate how it all happened. It worries me when we write of all other view points on debatable issues. No-one's going to hell if they don't believe that world is 6009 years old.

I also watched God in My Side tonight, the documentary by Andrew Denton about a Christian Broadcasters Convention in the US. It was funny, lots of clips of cheesy Christian Television, and interesting, and scary. There were some very worrying clips of people talking about their views on Israel. Like the need to stand by Israel no matter what because it is vital to the return of Jesus, even if that means using nukes. Some of the people interviewed were rather extreme. But there were some cool people too. There was a TV producer who made vomit inducing ads, but had a good sense of irony and said smart things and made good jokes. I reckon you should give it a watch.

I took my senior small group to watch it. It was fun. Half of them had no idea what the film was about, so it was kinda fun. Although, I hope they weren't disappointed it was a documentary.

I'm getting a new sound system installed in my car tomorrow.

The U2 blog is coming tomorrow.

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It's a hot night and Newtown has gotten a little bit whacked.

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I'm off to see U2. Goodbye y'all.

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I went out to coffee today and saw Beck in the cafe. Just as the waitress was rocking up Beck asked me across the cafe "Aren't you at college right now?"

To which I replied what I thought was bleedingly obvious "No I'm sitting in a booth in a cafe." The waitress rolled her eyes at me. I feel hurt.

After work I met my friend Mike in a back street near Sydney Uni. He was standing by his car, he opened his boot and handed me a bag full of guns. It was pretty cool. I felt like a weapons dealer.

Then I decided to walk home using a short cut, but sadly my terrible sense of direction meant that I didn't to very well finding a short cut home. It was cold and dark when I arrived. But at least I arrived in time for dinner. It was garlic with a bit of pasta garnish. Though it tasted good. Thanks Mil and Ryan.

Must sleep now. I have to hang out with Adam, Larry, Bono and the Edge tomorrow.

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One Sleep

Tomorrow. I've been waiting a long time for this. Tomorrow is U2 day.

I'll die a happy man.*

*Of course I don't want to die soon after tomorrow. And if I died today I'd die happy. I don't want to have to justify it too much. You know, it's a phrase. Of course you do, you're pretty smart.

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The Men and their Kids

So I did see Children of Men yesterday. It was pretty cool. I really like those apocalyptic kind of movies. The ones where the whole world's gone the Hades in a hand basket. Clive Owen is quite the man. He's such a good reluctant hero. There wasn't once in the whole film where I thought he actually wanted to be there. It was great.

Guns, apocalypse, action, hope. What more could you want?

I also saw Trust the Man. That was pretty typical two couples have issues, break up, get back together at the end, everyone is happy. It made me laugh and feel warm so that's all you want.

It was cold and gray when I went into the cinema the first time, and it was cold and gray when I came out the second time. But for the two hours between films the sun was out, the sky was blue and I couldn't see a cloud. I read, drank tea, and slept in Hyde Park. Mmmm. That's what I'm talkin' about.

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Turn out the Light

I just started writing a post about Children of Men because I went and saw it yesterday. But I decided the title was too good for a post just about a movie. Not that I have a post that can do the title justice, but I certainly don't want to waste it on something that only took two hours and cost $8.50.

Perhaps something about the end of the world is in order. Although, I'm wouldn't say the world will end with darkness but with light. Sunset has been, dawn is coming.

When I turn out the light to go to sleep always the first thing I do is pray. And the first thing I pray is usually the thing that's foremost in my mind. It's the unguarded, undesigned, unplanned prayer of the day. And usually it goes "I don't understand", "Damn it" or "Thank you". It's the truth that comes with darkness I guess.

I like turning out lights these days. I feel like I'm saving the planet.

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I got a distinction for my Job essay. Except it became a pass when they took the late marks off. I'm happy with that. Mr Marker said I needed to do more research. I agree, but I only wanted to spend 45 minutes in the Library. So lazy.

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I am not the best speller (thank you spell check) but this article says that examiners in Scotland are now going to accept "text-messaging short forms in school examinations", and that scares me.

This doesn't sound good. I very much dislike SMS-speak. It's looks ugly. How much nicer is "People" to "ppl", or "Great" to "gr8", or "Love" to "luv". Anyone who has got and SMS, or an email from me, or has talked to me on MSN, will know that I try and write everything right. I like the challenge of fitting everything I need to say into 160 characters without compromising my correctness. I like things to be correct.

But I don't really have a problem with other people using it in SMS or chat or email. I don't like it, however, when it moves into other things like signs or letters. Things which aren't meant to written quickly. And I don't mind it so much when it comes from young people, the ones who pioneer it and use it for convenience. But when advertisers start saying "Get U and UR friends to txt and enter to win gr8 prizes" it annoys me. It's not genuine. They're co-opting the language of the young to sell stuff back to them. They're trying to look cool, but they look like try hards.

But I think I'm just going to look old fashioned. Writing is going to evolve, and I'm going to think it looks ugly. And that's probably just the way its going to be.

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I'm aware that I'm not exactly a world class HTML king, but one has to do something to celebrate. Hence, the new, temporary, design.

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And the Winner is...

My pick for the winner of the 2006 Melbourne Cup is: YEATS

Trust me. I know these things.

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I have nothing to complain about. Not really.

Did just go up to 7-Eleven and buy Coke and Chips. Happy me.

Not really a world class blogger at the moment.

If I ever become the Pastor of a mega church, don't let me have a sex scandal. I'd like to avoid that is possible. Thanks.

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U2 are coming and I'm already starting to get sad that by this time next week, I will have seen them.

But gosh I'm excited.

So tempted to go on Monday too!

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So Much Sacred in the Month of November

I'm not sure if it's eating my kebab or reading my emails that's making me feel sick. It's probably the kebab seeing as emails don't usually make me feel like this.

John Mayer was awesome! Flippin' fantastic! He's such a good guitarist. The concert was just pure musical pleasure. So many good solos, so many good musicians, lots of good songs.

John himself seems a little fake, or sleazy, or like a rock star. I'm not sure what. When he does solos he seemed to stare at one particular person, which would probably be rather uncomfortable if you were that person I reckon. And playing his guitar, at times, he looked rather orgasmic. So he seemed a little strange. But, damn, can he play. It was great.

And he's coming back in April! Woohoo! If Donny doesn't get in the way, I'll be there and you should join me.

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It's Johnny Mayer night! Woo!

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I had my last lecture for Wisdom Literature at college today. It was on Song of Songs. And I heard things said by my lecturer that I never thought I hear discussed at Bible College in such graphic detail. It was pretty special.

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I went for a run yesterday! The last recorded time for such an energetic and fitness creating activity was in April 2004.

Me and some of the other homies (Mil, Martin and Ryan) we all did jogging through the grimy streets of Enmore. Unfortunately due to a medical emergency Mil and Martin had to turn back. Ryan and I, however, soldiered on. We ran to Sydney Park and ran up the hill and then down the hill and then around a bit and then up the hill and then down and then around to another side and up again. Or something like that. And then we ran home.

Ryan took me through all these back streets which I didn't recognise, except I did because every back street in the inner-west looks the same. I was terribly lost. If Ryan was in the mood to kidnap me that would have been the time to do it because I had no idea where I was. I couldn't have escaped or nothing.

Today my legs hurt. But I might go for another run. Maybe on Friday. I'll be staying in Hornsby on Friday so I could do my old run, just for old times sake. Plus, no one could kidnap me there, it's my old stomping ground. I'll stomp on them.

11/01/2006 11:47:00 am


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I just had to put my jacket on on this hot, mildly hot day, because I had to go help at a funeral and I realised, when I looked at my t-shirt, that it would be inappropriate wearing a "Stuff is Awesome!!" t-shirt to a funeral.

10/31/2006 11:57:00 am

Spill Cheque

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I just thought that I'd test out Firefox's new superfluous and hyperactive abominable and scatological spell checking.

Seems to work ok.

10/31/2006 12:35:00 am


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I had the best night I've had in a long time tonight.

I came home from church to find Jo in the backyard barbecuing dinner. It was vegie stacks. And they were real good. Good sauce, good cooking, yeah. Vegie food never tasted so good, except vegie pad thai.

I came home craving a beer so immediately Ryan and I headed up to the bottle-o to get a 24 pack. We came back and drank beer and ate dinner with Jo and Jem and Mil. Funny conversations. Plus we decided to go on a Road Trip in 2008! Yeah! I'm excited all ready.

Ryan and Jem got a craving for apple pie so they headed off in search of pie and I went inside to do the washing up. Martin came home while the pie shop was happening. But once Ryan and Jem got back with the pie I got a DVD craving, so Ryan and I popped out to Civic video to use their last 5 minutes of opening time to grab a DVD (or 3).

Then we came home and ate apple pie and watched Cars, which was awesome. Cars is one of the best, happy making films I've seen in a long time. I loved it, it brought continual joy to my innards the whole time.

And that was my night. It may not sound special, but things have been so tense (if that's the word) in my life lately that it was really nice just to hang out with friends and eat and drink and laugh and watch movies and I didn't have to think about anything. And tomorrow is a day off.

God is good to me.

10/29/2006 11:51:00 pm


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The weekend is finished.

I preached on 1 Kings 21 tonight. It was one of those ones that takes it out of you. Like you're going fine when you're up there but you come off and you're wasted.

I enjoyed the sermon though. I now have three sermons on Elijah between 1 Kings 17 and 1 Kings 21 up my sleeve. That's the substance of a series there. That's set of talks for a camp. That's pretty good.

I'm finding sermons harder to write these days I think. Maybe not, but I seem to be struggling more to find illustrations, and express points and all that. I spent 5 hours yesterday staring at a blank screen. Maybe it's like one day I'll just stop being able to write sermons. I'll just run out of steam. I hope not though. I do like preaching.

10/28/2006 08:14:00 pm


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I'd love to make a mini-series about Elijah. He's a dude.

10/28/2006 12:00:00 am

La La

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This song is good.

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We watched It Just Stopped last night at the new Belvoir. It's a pretty swanky new theatre. Well, redone theatre at least. But they did so much fundraising that everything you look at has some lefty art lovers name on it. Or Russel Crowe or Geoffory Rush's name. They seem to have paid for half the building.

The play was an absurdist play where the existentialist disaster of the main character led to him finding greater meaning in the world, which was a twist. It was all rather odd though. There are a great big wall of Jelly Beans in the set that was cool.

The story started when all the gadgets of this couple's unit stopped working. No electricity, water, phones, tv, radio, mobile coverage. This was followed with lots of talk about the end of the world. That's what I liked the most. They talked about terrorism, and global warming, and war, and extreme poverty and basicially said "It's obvious the world is about to end". I've been wanting someone to make a film about the end of the world without exagerating what's going on now. I reckon the world is pulling itself apart enough at the moment that you have pleanty material for an end of the world film. Like how about a movie set in 20 years when the waters have risen 6 metres. That's not a The Day After Tomorrow kinda climate disaster, but it's much more scary. Like An Inconvienient Truth but not a documentary. Something with characters and a storyline. That'd be cool.

But all up the play was a little to self-conciously absurd for me. Whatever that means. Still, I do like a night out at the theatre. And I did get to see John Woods and ever since Blue Healers who hasn't wanted to see Sgt. Tom Croydon in the flesh?

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New Places

We went to a pub down the road tonight. There are 4 pubs within 500 meters of my house and now I've been to 2 of them. 2 to go. It was fun to find something new with a big back yard.

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This morning I put on my undies and there was a moth in them. I'll tell ya' that was a scary think to feel climing around my bum. The moth dust he left in there left me itchy for hours.

This house is like an avery for small flying things at the moment.

10/24/2006 11:57:00 pm


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What fun I did have today. Ryan and I went for a park reconnoiter this morning to find an ideal place for his party. It involved wandering through the leafy, streets of Woolarah feeling rather poor. It's a whole other world out there. We did find a nice park hidden from all but locals and probably anyone who thinks to look on a map. Should be lovely. Pity I can't go to the party.

Then it was off to Chatswood, via the Public Transport System with Jem (who was off to see her mum), to see Grandpa and Valentina. It's the first time I've spent substantial time with them since the trip. It was good to see them again. I like them. Grandpa told a lot of stories, 50% of which I hadn't even heard before so I figured I did pretty well.

Mum and Hannah were next. Hannah and I jumped on the trampoline. Mum and I talked. It was the usual happy affair. Mum tried to send me away with a bag full or chocolate biscuits, Pizza Shapes and Coke. This is unlike my mother who, when we were kids, would give Jo and I things like sultanas as an "unhealthy treat". I think her Grand-maternal instincts might be starting to show. Must remember to warn Jo.

Howie and Jenny were last on today's social smorgasboard. Howie cooked Chicken on the barbie like a man. Jenny stayed in the kitchen cutting up vegitables like a wife. I'm happy to see they've settled into their domestic arrangements so well. We played games on the PS2. Jenny dominated. Good stuff sister!

I caught the train home and it was all express and quick changes and easy. Lovely. Good day to have off. Yip.

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Oh Dear

From an article on SMH:

"Dr Jensen said the US church had made genuine attempts to express regret over global tensions but it was missionary-like in its position on human sexuality."

Maybe they're having a dig, maybe no one was paying attention. Either way, it's a little amusing. Immature and a pretty lame way of paying us Anglicans out, but it did make me giggle.

What Dr Jensen actually said was:

"The powerful individualism of American culture, and its triumphalistic belief that it leads the world in civic freedoms has captured the church. The new faith is a missionary religion. America is a missionary country, with its version of human freedom to export throughout the world."

From here and here.

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Bible Happy

I wrote a Bible study on Luke 1:5-25 last week and it wasn't very good. It was simple and boring and badly put together.

Today I had to do it with my seniors (I did it with my juniors on Friday) and I was determined to make it good. So we did it and I put a lot more effort in giving back ground and pulling out connecting passages and I had lots of fun. I'm not sure how the rest went, one of the girls fell asleep, but I thought it was cool. Actually come to think of it one of the guys fell asleep too. That makes it two thirds of my small group fell asleep. Gosh.

But, ignoring the narcolepsy inducing tones of my voice, I felt it was a positive experience. We covered salvation history from the time of King David to the End of the World. And we looked at prophesy, and Elijah and the work of John the Baptist. I think we looked at Luke, Mark, Matthew, Acts and Malachi, which I thought was pretty impressive.

So I don't know how the study went in comparison to others, but I'd hate to think what it would have been like if I just did the one I'd written last week.

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I hate the feeling that there are so many people around you having a hard time and you can't help them.

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We had an audition today for the new production, and then I had a party to go to tonight. In between I had a few spare hours so I had a sleep on the floor of my office. It was wonderful. I slept for an hour and a half. I'm not sure why but sleeping on my office floor for a substantial amount of time, on comfy cushions is one of the most relaxing things to do. To wake up in my darkened office after a long nap...bliss. Probably because my office is where I work. So to sleep there just heightens the relaxation.

I know I've been a rather bad blogger. At least by my standards. Yesterday was too big to blog today. Not enough time. Soon though.

Dad bought me Union Jack boxers from the UK and I'm wearing them today for the first time. I love them. I'm sure wearing the Union Jack as underwear is making some statement about our colonial past.

Speaking of colonial past, I watched The Proposition with Ryan the other night, it was well done. And it wasn't as harrowing as I thought it would be. So many well written characters. Nick Cave can write good depressing music and good depressing films. Is there any sort of depressing writing that man can't do?

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It is Finished

Well I'm done with my assessment on Job. I tell you, this is the latest I ever want to hand an assessment in.

But at least it's done. And I actually quite enjoyed doing this assessment.

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Dear Spammers

Incest doesn't excite me.

Not even if it's Russian.

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George Says

"We will not do anything that harms our economy, because first things first are the people who live in America."

George W Bush's response to being asked what he would do about global warming shortly after becoming president.

When Ari Fletcher (George's press secretary) was asked if George would ask Americans to drive their cars less, he replied

"That's a big no. The President believes that it's an American way of life, and that it should be the goal of policy makers to protect the American way of life. The American way of life is a blessed one."

From here (pages 159-160 to be precise).

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Angus Draws Pictures

My friend Angus made this while we were at College together. I like it, he's got talent that man. Check it out.

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The day was good. The weather was cool. The rain was drizzly. I did a mail out and enjoyed myself.

I like the silly conversations in life. And I had majority of them today.

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James is the Man

Ryan, Jem and I just watched Rebel Without a Cause, it was wonderful. James Dean is so cool, awesomely. Like Aragorn cool. The kind of cool where you just think, I'd love to be that person's friend, and hang out with them and feel my self-worth increasing because Aragorn and James Dean are friends with me. It's the kind of cool where he could do anything, say anything thing, make any face and you think "Wow".

You should see the film. It was tops.

We also ate at Anna Thai. 10 points for Anna Thai.

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I Grope Grooms

First Jon...

Grope Jon.jpg

..then Howie.

Grope Howie.jpg

I just can't help myself I guess.

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Some of the people from church came and ate dinner with Ryan and I at the pub tonight. They came to me which never happens. They were a long way from home. It made me feel loved.

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Ministry Opportunity

Sometimes people like to help us poor folk who work in ministry by blessing us with material possesions because we can't afford much.

So if you feel like ministering to someone who only earns $40,500 a year and is the second highest earner in his house of 6, please consider supplying me with some of these basic needs:

- A Toyota Prius (I'd love to be able to save the planet, if only you'd give me a hand)
- An iPod (Preferably U2 and preferably 80GBs
- A new digital camera 'cause my last one died
- A big fat video editing computer packed full of juicy software

Please pray that the Lord makes you generous.

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I'm really getting into "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" at the mo. Is that song cool?

My heart could take a chance
but my two feet can't find a way
- Scissor Sisters

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The Big Question

Nathan asked us last night "If you had to go live on a deserted island for four years and you could take one person you know, one person who is alive today but you don't know, one historical figure and one fictional character, who would you take?"

So I said:

Person I know: Ryan, because we're friends, we don't fight and he's single so he wouldn't be leaving anyone behind.

Person I don't know: Natalie Portman (obvious reasons)

Historical Figure: Esther, because she was beautiful and nice, and chances are, if there was just one girl Ryan and I would both fall in love with her and things would get rather awkward.

Fictional Character: Gandalf, because he's just awesome.

Anyway we were talking about it at dinner tonight and everyone was talking about bringing people who would challenge them intellectully and people who they could learn from and people who were concerned for social justice. And they were all making me feel rather shallow.

But I reckon girls would be important to bring because 4 years is a long time. I think it's a legitimate need. Or if not need, desire, because girls make life more fun, even if you're not attracted to them. But I'm rethinking the Natalie Portman idea. The whole celebrity thing isn't really attractive. Perhaps I'd take her character in Garden State, because she's cool. But then I'd have to get rid of Gandalf and I reckon four years hanging around with Gandalf would be an opportunity not to be missed. The rest of the fellowship did alright and they didn't have any females in their company.

Hmm. I'll have to keep thinking on this one.

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I wish you could quote guitar solos on blogs. That'd be cool.

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I went to see Sketches of Frank Gehry with Ryan last night. He sent an email yesterday saying he had a free ticket and asking if anyone wanted to join him. And I though "Yep. I know nothing about the film, sounds fun."

But when we turned up it turned out the film was a documentary about an architect. Now I like documentaries and films and cinemas, but a documentary about an architect doesn't sound like it's gonna float my boat.

But turns out Frank Gehry designs good interesting things like this, this, and this. And it was fascinating to see the way he did it. Plus there were good interviews too. Well at least with this film director who spent the whole interview in a white bathrobe, smoking and drinking white wine. He made me giggle everytime I saw him. One of his golden quotes, while reclining in a golden arm chair was something like: "Criticise Frank Gehry? I wouldn't. It'd be like flies on a lions neck. It'd be like watching Apocalypse Now and saying 'Robert Duvall was overacting'." Yep, he was pretty funny.

Anyway, I was happily surprised. And it only cost me $3.50 for the Coke to quench my thirst from running up King St thinking we were late to the Dendy. $3.50 and 5% for the assessment I should have been doing.

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Scrap That

I'm not enjoying buses so much anymore. I just waited at the bus stop for 20 minutes. There should have been about 5 buses in that time, but instead, there were just two. One drove straight past the bus stop and the other which was full. So now I'm driving to work I guess.

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I get real joy out of the fact that T comes after S in the alphabet. And it always will.

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Idea of Goodness

I had an idea to enhance my Outback Hippies Experience next year. I'm going to download on iTunes as many of the songs that they regularly play as I can and then I'm gonna learn the words. Then when everyone's singing I can sing along and not feel like an idiot 'cause I don't know the words. Plus it'll make me the WSFM boy too!

So far I've got:

All Along the Watchtower (Hendrix not Dylan)
Sultans of Swing
Brown Eyed Girl
Johnny B Goode
Blue Suede Shoes
I Shot the Sherriff

So the question is, what else do I need to get?

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Frisbee Fame

At Black Stump we played Frisbee. It was fun. Howie, Ryan and I played with Chris from Electric Television. Ajak and Sillars joined us for bit too (although they aren't famous like Chris is). Frisbee is good. I'm glad it lasted more than 3 months.

Now if only Julian Morrow would follow through and come and play with us, that'd be real vodcast fame.

What a lame word, vodcast.

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I do like public transport. I'm really enjoying buses. I used to be scared of buses. But I've been healed! Praise the Lord.

Actually I probably haven't been healed. If you told me to catch a bus from Kensington to Marrickville for instance that would freak me out, and I'd be scared the Bus Driver and passengers would laugh at me because I didn't know what I was doing. But at least when they did I could yell at them "Shut up, at least I've got a TravelTen!

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I think I did a rather good job of letting people down today.


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"I don't belong here"

I'm home from Stump now. I've been home for a while actually. But I watched a DVD, ate some Pad Thai and watched some internet videos for a while.

Stump was good as always. I managed to get to a bit of music Revive, Intone, Sons of Korah, Ruben Morgan, The Valley. Perhaps some others. Sons of Korah were fantastic as usual. Warm your soul they do. The Valley were hardcore, one of those screaming bands (listen). I went 'cause Sal had a friend in the band. But I'm pleased I went because now I can say I've watched three songs of proper metal live and understood none of it.

I went to the Outback Hippies again last night. They kept me up till 3:30am with all they old school rock. It was great. It took a little while to get started this year, but everyone got into it by the end. I live my yearly dance.

I saw Mike because he was speaking. I got to apologise to him for my inappropriate comments at his church in July. He wasn't fussed but I wanted to say "Sorry" none the less, it's about rightness. It was good to see the Soul guys briefly. Actually it was good to see all sorts of people. I liked the whole catch up thing at Stump. While I thought it could be horrid at first I only had a few awkward conversations with people whose names I had forgotten. I did enjoy myself most definitely because of the people. Of course, it's obvious I like people. But I had fun camping with 5,000 of them. And I enjoyed the 15 or so that were in my site. Chris and nicks are good camp parents.

I did decide that if there is anything that Black Stump needs to improve on it's the whole teaching from the Bible thing. They have plenty of good people teaching things at Stump, but not many teaching from the Bible. I think I'd like more of that. I do love the Bible.

On the way home today Ryan and I had long chat about relationships and all that. It seems that both of us are scared of becoming creepy, middle-aged, single men. Please let us know if we become them. Actually, let us know if we just become creepy, at any age. I think the middle-aged bit is un-avoidable unless you do a James Dean, and the single bit will probably be pointed out to us enough whether we want people to or not.

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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to Stump we go. WooYeah!

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Nothing to Do

I'm in a rehearsal for a Black Stump tomorrow. The dancers and actors are having dancer and actor meetings. And me being on a tech team of 2, well I don't get a meeting. My other tech team member is reading his tech notes. I on the other hand have none, so I have nothing to read. So I'm making something for other people to read. I think perhaps though, so I don't feel like I should be meeting with the other tech man, I'll call myself the Multimedia Department. That means that I'm the only one in my team. In this case then "I" is team.

I'm looking forward to Black Stump. It's always fun. I realised that I've don't really go to Stump for any particular reason anymore other than that it's what I do. I used to go for the bands. But they don't excite me as much these days. I guess I could go because I'm working on the production. But really, that will take up a few hours of my four day weekend.

I think I just go because I do. Every October long weekend I go to Stump. That's what I do. It's fun, it's good, it's what I do. Why do anything else?

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It's DVD time again. Late nights, Premiere, probably crashes.

If I was smarter, I'd write Haiku.

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Kim Says

"Can I tell you one of my underpinning principles in politics: don't comment on the wives of your colleagues, whether they are your opponents or your supporters" - Kim Beazley

Good to see Kim has something important and foundational underpinning his politics.

From here

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People make the world worth living in.

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Today my drama group decided it would be fun to soak me with water. So they did. I had to walk into a baptism at church soaking. I felt a little mischievous. I was wet almost all day. But it was worth it. 'Twas the day to be soaked.

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Fully Hectic

I think I like the current usage of the word "hectic", I'm worried it might enter my vocab and I'll feel like a try hard, 'cause I'm not as cool as the people who properly use it.

I had to get up early today to go meet my new friend, my little brother from BBBS. I finally have one and today was our first "hang out". I met him and his family on Tuesday. I liked them a lot. He's 11 (I think) and a very fun guy. We went to the local park and played touch footy for the majority of our 2 hours. I taught him how to throw a frisbee too. I think that could be one of the most important parts of knowlege that I'll impart to him in our whole relationship.

Then next it was off to church so I could take my small group slot car racing. That was more fun than I thought it would be. Racing little cars around a big track has a feeling of simple fun. I was thinking that if I didn't hang out with 12 year olds on a regular basis I wouldn't have nearly as much fun as I do.

When that was done I came home and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up and went to see I am a C which is a production put on by a bunch of Wesley and ex-Wesley students (I think). I went with Jem. I was a little nervous going to see it because I knew it involved dance and I knew that there was only going be an audience of 8 people per performance. But it was good.

The show was set as a tour of a Bible college. The college was a little creepy and surreal with preachers on TV who preach damnation and an art exhibition of many copies of one colouring in Sunday School picture.

Anyway the show was full of diffent projectors and lights and we got taken from room to room to see differnt parts of college life. There wasn't a lot of dance, but it was used well when it was there. I did enjoy myself. And it was good to see people doing performance art differently.

Jem and I ended our night eating Pad Thai at Gray's place. I don't know Gary well, he's from Jem's church, but he's good fun to be around.

Now I might go to sleep to make up for lost sleep.

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Everybody Move

I went and saw Michael Franti and Spearhead last night. Pwoar! Soddin' Brill! It was probably one of the funnest concerts I've ever been too.

The band was funktastic, so many solos, and Carl on the bass was just cool. Franti was the jumping giant of musical fun. And they sing about things that are worth singing about. If Michael Franti leads a revolution, I'll follow. I'll yell "Fire, Fire, Fire" and light up my lighter! (Actually I don't have a lighter, I had to hold up my mobile last night, which is almost as inspiring.)

I jumped, and danced, and sang, and waved my hands in the air like I just don't care, all night. Well almost all night. It took me a little while to warm up, but I found it difficult to stay still with such awesome cool happening on stage. Yeah, Yeah.

When he's back, I'll be back. And so should you.

Everyone deserves music, sweet music
Even our worst enemies Lord, they deserves music, music
Even the quiet ones in our family, they deserve music
So I pray for them and I'll play for them
So I pray for them and I'll play for them
- Michael Franti and Spearhead

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I'm going to John Mayer!

He's not a girly man. So neither am I.

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Dressing Down

Today I got in trouble from one of Australia's foremost Old Testament scholars.

This morning I missed the shower a few times. And every time you miss the shower it adds about 15 minutes on to your morning. And this morning I meant to get up at 7 but I didn't make it to the shower till 8, the time I need to leave for College.

So I went to college about half an hour late. When I arrived I was debating whether or not to go into the lecture. We had a visiting lecturer today who I have found to be rather uninteresting in the past so I considered just going straight to the Library to study for my assessment. But in the end I thought "I'll go to the last 20 minutes, they might be useful."

So I walked into the classroom and everyone turned to look at me. The lecturer (who, did I mention, is one of Australia's foremost Old Testament scholars) looked at me and said "What's your excuse?"

I wasn't sure if he was being friendly or not so I said "Everyone was in the shower."

The class laughed but he didn't.

"That's no excuse." he said.

"Oh," I replied "it's all I've got."

Because that annoys me when people ask for an excuse and then you give them one and they say "That's no excuse" and I think, well actually it is. And I can't give you a better one because I don't have one, that would be lying.

He said "Well you look alright without a shower. You should have just come."

Which I decided to take as a compliment so I said "Thank you"

He replied "You can sit down"

About 5 minutes later another guy rocked up late. His lame excuse was that he had a baby to look after. The lecturer replied "You've got a wife to look after your son, you're here to come to college and you must be on time." Then he went on a tangent about how there is a grace period but the two of us had missed it and he should have locked the other guy out and anyone else who turned up late would be barred from entering for sure.

Then we got on with the lecture.

Until the end when he told us that Proverbs was speaking to people just like us who needed to come to class on time.

And then he dropped it.

Until the end of the last lecture when he told us again that he was sorry to have got us in trouble but we needed to come to class on time. We have to be punctual or our ministries will suffer because people think that we have no integrity.

By that stage I had decided I was glad I went to class because getting busted was much more interesting than doing study. Plus the lecture were pretty good too, he gave my brain a work out.

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Job Well Done

I knew the discovery of the 5% a week loss of marks for assessments at college was going to hurt me. I have an assessment due in on Friday that I haven't started. And chances are I'll procrastinate my way through the next two weeks and only register a 10% blip.

If only they took off 10% a day like most student hating colleges. Then I might actually have some respect for this due date. But at the moment the due date seems more like the "if you feel like it and have nothing better to do" date. And I don't feel like it and I have plenty better to do.

But if any of you feel like answering my question for me...

Is it possible to justify God's treatmentment of Job?

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I didn't have to teach scripture this morning so I slept in, then got distracted by Snopes.com for an hour. How annoying. That's an hour that could have been spent doing something else. It was like I was procrastinating from having breakfast. Who does that?!?

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Robbery Number One

We had our first robbery from our house today. Sometime this afternoon while Ryan was studying upstairs someone walked into our house and into Mil and Martin's room, picked up their laptop, unplugged the charger, plugged in their bedside lamp and walked out. All they took was the laptop and charger.

How odd.

Sadly Mil has a big assessment on the computer that's due on Wednesday. Poor Mil.

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I think I'll save the planet.

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In Stitches

I was just looking at my teeth in the mirror and I noticed a little bit of blue thread poking out between my teeth. I gave a little pull, there was a funny feeling in my mouth, and out came a stitch. It turns out the dentist left one of my stitches in my gum. It only came out week and a half late.

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I love the smell of spring. It smells full of possibilities.

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It's not hard to fall
And I don't wanna lose
It's not hard to grow
When you know that you just don't know

Damien Rice

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Matisyahu is like the Switchfoot of Jewish Reggae. He's way cool!

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John Mayer is coming to Sydney! Yip!

He's playing at the Enmore 3rd November! Woohoo.

What a year!


Life is good to me.

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United 93

I went and saw United 93 today. I thought it was good. The whole thing is shot like a documentary and some of the actually people involved (who didn't die) play themselves. It's interesting to see how disorganised the US was to handle an incident like September 11. The film didn't seem to be overly righteous about America. The only bit that really urked me was when the passengers were preparing to storm the the terrorists the filmmakers juxaposed passengers praying the Lord's Prayer with the terrorists praying in Arabic. I'd rather Hollywood didn't perpetuate the idea that the War on Terror is a war between Islam and Christianity. As I see it it's a war between the rich, imperialist West against angry, murderous extreamists. Perhaps those fighting the war see it as a religious war, but I'm sure if the West was better behaved there would be no jihad. But what would I know?

But apart from that the film was good. I got nervous even though I knew what was going to happen. Maybe that increased my nerves because it brought back September 11 so well. I remember that day, it was weird, it felt like the whole world was about to come down. I'm happy it didn't it's just slowly pulling itself to pieces, but when has the world not been doing that?

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The Wedding of Fun

It's like rain on your wedding day - Alanis Morissette

I guess it's time to report on the Wedding of Fun! Hooray.

I woke myself up at a reasonable hour and headed over to Howie's. I said I'd be there between 9 and 10 and I arrived at 10:20am, so that's not too bad.

We sat on the couch and watched Jamie Cullum on DVD. I love that DVD. Howie wasn't wearing much. That was fine because one of my jobs as the Best Man is to help him to get dressed I heard. So I cleaned his shoes as that was all the help I felt I could offer. But we groomsmen (David, Kostas and I)were at least encouraging. Howie's mum was the most help. She ironed our shirts and pants for us.


Howie in his state of undress an hour before the wedding.

Anyway we got dressed and did our hair. Michael, our driver, turned up and tied all our ties for us as we are all tie knot impared. And then it was off to the Chapel to get Howie married.

We arrived and got a few photos taken and then stood around saying "Hello" to people.

Finally after a bit of lateness the women arrived. We positioned ourselves on the stage and waited.

The Bridesmaids were looking spesh, all green and cream and stuff. And the Bride she looked darn good too. I reckon Howie scored!

The wedding was fun. The Band was funky, especially their Amazing Grace. It was weird standing there looking at Howie and thinking "Gosh, that's Howie, getting married." How can someone so close to you do something so grown up?

I much enjoyed the Lucky Door Prize. Who has a wedding with a lucky door prize? They do.

After the reception it was off to Eden Gardens for our photos. Keith drove the couple wearing his OV uniform which was most funny. I loved the OVs.

It was raining at Eden Gardens. We headed out into the gardens for the photos but found ourselves hiding in various structures and under various umbrellas more than actually doing photos. I was on Bridal Umbrella Duty for a little while holding the Howies' umbrella which made me feel important.

Hiding from Rain.jpg

Hiding from the rain during photos

The reception was in an under cover attrium thing. I was the MC which, to my perplexion, meant that I was the chief liason with the Venue Manager. I didn't really know what was going on, so I just made things up and gave the man instructions to do this or that, I think I made up the right things about the reception because nothing went too badly wrong.

It was fun seeing lots of people at the reception. I can't really remember many of the conversations I had, but I'm sure they were good.

For the speeches I was all ready to give toasts and stuff but I think the speechers (apart from me) had been told not to do a toast, so I'd prepared everyone to be ready to toast, but the toasting never came. But seeing as I never got the instruction I toasted in my speech anyway because it's fun, and I like drinking champagne.

The speech was a bit scary. It was like preparing a sermon with no Bible passage. I felt a little lost. In the end I was just rude to Robert for a while and then was nice to both of them at the end. I think that's the traditional format. I think I would have liked to have said more nice things, but I got lost. I read out Robert's poem which got many laughs. It was good because while it was he that wrote it, it just made him embarrassed and me look funny. Score!

Once all was done at the reception I got to drive The Gowies to their hotel. When we arrived Howie (the male one) had to run in and pee while we were in the driveway so Jenny and I parked the car and unloaded it. The Hotel men kept thinking Jenny and I were the couple, which was a little weird. I had to keep insisting that I was leaving, Hubby was inside. Once he arrived back things sorted themselves out and I left them to go honeymooning.

I came home and sat around in the Commie House with some Commie types.

Then I went to bed.

It was a special day. They're special people. I really like them. I'm excited to see them together. I'm looking forward to being their friend. It was an honour to get to be a Best Man in their best day. I'm praying for much goodness in their marriage in the many years ahead.

Hoorah for the Howie Family!

The Couple.jpg