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Turn out the Light

I just started writing a post about Children of Men because I went and saw it yesterday. But I decided the title was too good for a post just about a movie. Not that I have a post that can do the title justice, but I certainly don't want to waste it on something that only took two hours and cost $8.50.

Perhaps something about the end of the world is in order. Although, I'm wouldn't say the world will end with darkness but with light. Sunset has been, dawn is coming.

When I turn out the light to go to sleep always the first thing I do is pray. And the first thing I pray is usually the thing that's foremost in my mind. It's the unguarded, undesigned, unplanned prayer of the day. And usually it goes "I don't understand", "Damn it" or "Thank you". It's the truth that comes with darkness I guess.

I like turning out lights these days. I feel like I'm saving the planet.