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I went out to coffee today and saw Beck in the cafe. Just as the waitress was rocking up Beck asked me across the cafe "Aren't you at college right now?"

To which I replied what I thought was bleedingly obvious "No I'm sitting in a booth in a cafe." The waitress rolled her eyes at me. I feel hurt.

After work I met my friend Mike in a back street near Sydney Uni. He was standing by his car, he opened his boot and handed me a bag full of guns. It was pretty cool. I felt like a weapons dealer.

Then I decided to walk home using a short cut, but sadly my terrible sense of direction meant that I didn't to very well finding a short cut home. It was cold and dark when I arrived. But at least I arrived in time for dinner. It was garlic with a bit of pasta garnish. Though it tasted good. Thanks Mil and Ryan.

Must sleep now. I have to hang out with Adam, Larry, Bono and the Edge tomorrow.