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Make Show, Make Weddings, Make Watch Movie

Impact went rather well yesterday. It was good doing it in a professional theatre this time. Quick bump in, quick bump out. I get put on the side of the stage with the DVD player. It meant I missed watching the show, but I got to see all the performers and hang with the stage crew. I felt a little guilty because my job mainly involves me pressing "Skip Chapter" on a DVD remote for two hours. Everyone else performs or runs around or stuff like that. I just press a button or two.

The DVD for Part One was way smooth, no worries. The DVD for Part Two was a worry. It skipped a few times, made little sounds here and there and threatened to pack it in. I think it was a bad burn of the DVD. I only discovered this as we were performing because we didn't get to do a tech run or dress rehearsal for Part Two yesterday. Oh well. It made it through. The show was good. We went to the pub after which was happy.

Today I didn't catch the ferry. I was going to Manly because I had two weddings, both in Manly. I thought catching the ferry would be fun. Which it would have been. But in the end I chose not to because I couldn't find anywhere to store a book as I traveled.

Wedding One, Mike and Kristen, was at 9:30am. Very early for a wedding. I think I like the idea of an early wedding. Maybe because it makes the whole thing seem a bit fresh and new. It was a nice, straight forward wedding. It was good to see my friends, even some friends who I hadn't seen the night before. I didn't get to say "Hello" to Mike and Kristen, but "Yip!" for them.

Wedding Two, Graham and Ange, was at midday, so I had to kill a bit of time hanging out on the Corso. I talked to the wedding stragglers for as long as possible then perused the shops looking for wedding presents. I found none. That filled enough time for me to be a few minutes early to the wedding.

I was worried at this one that I wouldn't know any people, but there turned out to be a few of my ex-college mates, and the college dean there, so I had people to talk to.

The wedding nice. Even more traditional than the first one. No singing, just organ. But I liked it. It was short and two the point. None of this extravagant production stuff. So I was happy.

During photo time I went out to have a steak and a beer with Meg and Dave, me old married, college mates. They were fun and made sure I wasn't a loner while regailing me with insights into the ashes and stories of Guy Sebastian.

We went to the Wedding reception and recepted the wedded ones. That was more college reunion and happy times to be had.

So congrats to Kristen and Mike and Ange and Graham.

Tonight Ryan and I saw Borat. It was funny, and very rude. I'm not sure what my verdict is yet. I hope it wasn't real people being set up, but I think it was. That was rather mean I think.

Now I sleep.