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David has Landed

I went to Commie dinner tonight. I found myself in Hornsby with nothing to do so I went. And aren't I happy I went.

We were sitting around having a chat about my love life and in walks David through the back door bringing wine and Tim Tams. It was rather surreal. David is meant to be in India. He isn't meant to be home till Friday. But there he was. It took my brain a while to figure out why it was odd that David was there because it seemed perfectly normal for him to walk in the back door. But my brain caught up eventually and there was lots of screaming and hugging from the women folk. I gave him a pat on the knee.

Stella and Annie were arriving so we suggested David hide himself from them. When they arrived home he jumped up and ran to hide downstairs, slipped, and fell down them instead. We all thought it was pretty funny, till David swore and said "I've cut myself!" and indeed he had. He landed on his chin giving it a nice, juicy gash.

So I was privileged enough to cart him off in the HannahVan in search of a doctor. I was hoping not to spend another night in an emergency ward, as I'm feeling that activity is wearing a little thin. But we found a medical center which got him into treatment in the same amount of time it took me to call his Mum and ask for his Medicare numbers.

The Nurse and the Doctor were a bit of fun and we were all rather jolly. David got four stitches, then went back to Commie dinner to have his dinner.

It'd great to have the man back. And it's wonderful to see him make a grand entrance.