12/15/2006 11:42:00 pm


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I just returned from Forster where I've been for the past few days since Tuesday, hense no blogging.

I went with some of the Young Adults from church. And I'd give a detailed run down on the events of the week but really there isn't much to say. I didn't make it to the beach once. I spent a lot of time sitting or lying around reading, or talking, or watching DVDs or Cricket. I slept in. And slept on couches. I played Lock On in a park late at night with 15 people. I learnt poker. I drank a lot of beer (by my standards) and ate un-healthy food. The most happiest moment was waking up on the first morning and thinking "I would love fish and chips for breakfast" so off we went and had fish and chips and a buddy for breakfast. Oh yeah.

So I had a good time. The people were all fun. I really enjoyed hanging out. I got to know people better. No stress, felt loved, it was all good. I needed that.