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Nothing to Do

I'm in a rehearsal for a Black Stump tomorrow. The dancers and actors are having dancer and actor meetings. And me being on a tech team of 2, well I don't get a meeting. My other tech team member is reading his tech notes. I on the other hand have none, so I have nothing to read. So I'm making something for other people to read. I think perhaps though, so I don't feel like I should be meeting with the other tech man, I'll call myself the Multimedia Department. That means that I'm the only one in my team. In this case then "I" is team.

I'm looking forward to Black Stump. It's always fun. I realised that I've don't really go to Stump for any particular reason anymore other than that it's what I do. I used to go for the bands. But they don't excite me as much these days. I guess I could go because I'm working on the production. But really, that will take up a few hours of my four day weekend.

I think I just go because I do. Every October long weekend I go to Stump. That's what I do. It's fun, it's good, it's what I do. Why do anything else?