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We watched It Just Stopped last night at the new Belvoir. It's a pretty swanky new theatre. Well, redone theatre at least. But they did so much fundraising that everything you look at has some lefty art lovers name on it. Or Russel Crowe or Geoffory Rush's name. They seem to have paid for half the building.

The play was an absurdist play where the existentialist disaster of the main character led to him finding greater meaning in the world, which was a twist. It was all rather odd though. There are a great big wall of Jelly Beans in the set that was cool.

The story started when all the gadgets of this couple's unit stopped working. No electricity, water, phones, tv, radio, mobile coverage. This was followed with lots of talk about the end of the world. That's what I liked the most. They talked about terrorism, and global warming, and war, and extreme poverty and basicially said "It's obvious the world is about to end". I've been wanting someone to make a film about the end of the world without exagerating what's going on now. I reckon the world is pulling itself apart enough at the moment that you have pleanty material for an end of the world film. Like how about a movie set in 20 years when the waters have risen 6 metres. That's not a The Day After Tomorrow kinda climate disaster, but it's much more scary. Like An Inconvienient Truth but not a documentary. Something with characters and a storyline. That'd be cool.

But all up the play was a little to self-conciously absurd for me. Whatever that means. Still, I do like a night out at the theatre. And I did get to see John Woods and ever since Blue Healers who hasn't wanted to see Sgt. Tom Croydon in the flesh?