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We had a man from Creation Ministries come to church last night. It was interesting. Good because it exercised my brain. But it was a little disappointing the way he presented his views. He basically said that the literal 6-day creation is the only way to view Genesis, and that if you don't believe that then the Gospel is at stake. It was all rather black and white.

My problem wasn't that I don't believe in the literal 6-day creation (well, I'm not sure about it at least, I have no idea how the world was created, beyond the fact that God did it) but that he spoke as if that was the only right view point. I think the issue is too unclear and debated amongst all types of Christians to write off every other view point. I'm happy for there to be 6 day believers, I'm happy for there to be 6 period believers, I'm happy for there to be all sorts of believers. I want to hold on to God's creation of the world, the perfection of the creation at the beginning, the uniqueness of humanity created in the divine image, and the entrance of death and evil into the world through humanity's choice. After that, I'm happy for us to debate how it all happened. It worries me when we write of all other view points on debatable issues. No-one's going to hell if they don't believe that world is 6009 years old.

I also watched God in My Side tonight, the documentary by Andrew Denton about a Christian Broadcasters Convention in the US. It was funny, lots of clips of cheesy Christian Television, and interesting, and scary. There were some very worrying clips of people talking about their views on Israel. Like the need to stand by Israel no matter what because it is vital to the return of Jesus, even if that means using nukes. Some of the people interviewed were rather extreme. But there were some cool people too. There was a TV producer who made vomit inducing ads, but had a good sense of irony and said smart things and made good jokes. I reckon you should give it a watch.

I took my senior small group to watch it. It was fun. Half of them had no idea what the film was about, so it was kinda fun. Although, I hope they weren't disappointed it was a documentary.

I'm getting a new sound system installed in my car tomorrow.

The U2 blog is coming tomorrow.