12/01/2006 11:35:00 pm

Cha-Chingle Bells

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It's the first day of December and I started doing some Christmas shopping. Don't say that I'm not the man.

Of course I think I bought just as much stuff for myself as I did for other people. Like U2 18 Singles Special Edition with book and DVD. I didn't really want the cd, I have all those songs (except one), I wanted the DVD. It's Live in Milan in a Stadium. It will remind me of Sydney. Although I just watched it, and it doesn't. Everyone looks Italian. But still it's fun.

I also got 9 Damian Rice's new one. I'll tell ya, some lady really screwed him over 'cause he's sounding pretty cut up. It a good cd, I think it's going to be really good, perhaps great. Although I'm looking forward to the day when I break up with someone because I think that's when I will really appreciate the album. All I'll listen to is 9 and Continuum and I'll feel good about feeling so bad.

Woke up and for the first time the animals were gone
It's left this house empty now, not sure if I belong
Yesterday you asked me to write you a pleasant song
I'll do my best now, but you've been gone for so long
- Damien Rice