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"I don't belong here"

I'm home from Stump now. I've been home for a while actually. But I watched a DVD, ate some Pad Thai and watched some internet videos for a while.

Stump was good as always. I managed to get to a bit of music Revive, Intone, Sons of Korah, Ruben Morgan, The Valley. Perhaps some others. Sons of Korah were fantastic as usual. Warm your soul they do. The Valley were hardcore, one of those screaming bands (listen). I went 'cause Sal had a friend in the band. But I'm pleased I went because now I can say I've watched three songs of proper metal live and understood none of it.

I went to the Outback Hippies again last night. They kept me up till 3:30am with all they old school rock. It was great. It took a little while to get started this year, but everyone got into it by the end. I live my yearly dance.

I saw Mike because he was speaking. I got to apologise to him for my inappropriate comments at his church in July. He wasn't fussed but I wanted to say "Sorry" none the less, it's about rightness. It was good to see the Soul guys briefly. Actually it was good to see all sorts of people. I liked the whole catch up thing at Stump. While I thought it could be horrid at first I only had a few awkward conversations with people whose names I had forgotten. I did enjoy myself most definitely because of the people. Of course, it's obvious I like people. But I had fun camping with 5,000 of them. And I enjoyed the 15 or so that were in my site. Chris and nicks are good camp parents.

I did decide that if there is anything that Black Stump needs to improve on it's the whole teaching from the Bible thing. They have plenty of good people teaching things at Stump, but not many teaching from the Bible. I think I'd like more of that. I do love the Bible.

On the way home today Ryan and I had long chat about relationships and all that. It seems that both of us are scared of becoming creepy, middle-aged, single men. Please let us know if we become them. Actually, let us know if we just become creepy, at any age. I think the middle-aged bit is un-avoidable unless you do a James Dean, and the single bit will probably be pointed out to us enough whether we want people to or not.