12/11/2006 11:57:00 pm

Dr Pankey and his Merry Dentists

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So I went to the Hygienist today thinking that it was important for the tooth implant. That's what they told me on the phone. The Hygienist has a look and tells me things are looking much better. Probably thanks to my two weeks of flossing and mouth washing back in August.

Then they called my Dentist in. He had a look and was in a rush. But he said "You need to be flossing. And I want you to read a book by Dr Pankey called "The Cross of Life". It will be good to teach it to your young people. I don't have much time but I'll talk to you for a little bit." And I think he's about to talk to me about my teeth. But he stands up in front of me, while I'm still in the chair, tells me to floss than give me a ten minute explanation on why the book, "The Cross of Life" (or is it "A Philosophy of the Practice of Dentistry"), is so important for me and youth ministry ("Because it teaches balance"). Dr Pankey apparently is a Christian. My dentist is Jewish, but he likes Pankey anyway. It was very interesting, though I never expected to get a sermon to an audience of one from my Dentist while sitting in the Hygienist's chair.

Anyway, I went off to pay thinking that I'd be covered by insurance, but it turns out this was just a general hygiene check and x-ray and the like. Nothing to do with the implant. So it cost $340. That hurt. I didn't wake up this morning expecting that expense. This is looking to be a most expensive Christmas.