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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to Stump we go. WooYeah!

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Nothing to Do

I'm in a rehearsal for a Black Stump tomorrow. The dancers and actors are having dancer and actor meetings. And me being on a tech team of 2, well I don't get a meeting. My other tech team member is reading his tech notes. I on the other hand have none, so I have nothing to read. So I'm making something for other people to read. I think perhaps though, so I don't feel like I should be meeting with the other tech man, I'll call myself the Multimedia Department. That means that I'm the only one in my team. In this case then "I" is team.

I'm looking forward to Black Stump. It's always fun. I realised that I've don't really go to Stump for any particular reason anymore other than that it's what I do. I used to go for the bands. But they don't excite me as much these days. I guess I could go because I'm working on the production. But really, that will take up a few hours of my four day weekend.

I think I just go because I do. Every October long weekend I go to Stump. That's what I do. It's fun, it's good, it's what I do. Why do anything else?

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It's DVD time again. Late nights, Premiere, probably crashes.

If I was smarter, I'd write Haiku.

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Kim Says

"Can I tell you one of my underpinning principles in politics: don't comment on the wives of your colleagues, whether they are your opponents or your supporters" - Kim Beazley

Good to see Kim has something important and foundational underpinning his politics.

From here

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People make the world worth living in.

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Today my drama group decided it would be fun to soak me with water. So they did. I had to walk into a baptism at church soaking. I felt a little mischievous. I was wet almost all day. But it was worth it. 'Twas the day to be soaked.

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Fully Hectic

I think I like the current usage of the word "hectic", I'm worried it might enter my vocab and I'll feel like a try hard, 'cause I'm not as cool as the people who properly use it.

I had to get up early today to go meet my new friend, my little brother from BBBS. I finally have one and today was our first "hang out". I met him and his family on Tuesday. I liked them a lot. He's 11 (I think) and a very fun guy. We went to the local park and played touch footy for the majority of our 2 hours. I taught him how to throw a frisbee too. I think that could be one of the most important parts of knowlege that I'll impart to him in our whole relationship.

Then next it was off to church so I could take my small group slot car racing. That was more fun than I thought it would be. Racing little cars around a big track has a feeling of simple fun. I was thinking that if I didn't hang out with 12 year olds on a regular basis I wouldn't have nearly as much fun as I do.

When that was done I came home and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up and went to see I am a C which is a production put on by a bunch of Wesley and ex-Wesley students (I think). I went with Jem. I was a little nervous going to see it because I knew it involved dance and I knew that there was only going be an audience of 8 people per performance. But it was good.

The show was set as a tour of a Bible college. The college was a little creepy and surreal with preachers on TV who preach damnation and an art exhibition of many copies of one colouring in Sunday School picture.

Anyway the show was full of diffent projectors and lights and we got taken from room to room to see differnt parts of college life. There wasn't a lot of dance, but it was used well when it was there. I did enjoy myself. And it was good to see people doing performance art differently.

Jem and I ended our night eating Pad Thai at Gray's place. I don't know Gary well, he's from Jem's church, but he's good fun to be around.

Now I might go to sleep to make up for lost sleep.

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Everybody Move

I went and saw Michael Franti and Spearhead last night. Pwoar! Soddin' Brill! It was probably one of the funnest concerts I've ever been too.

The band was funktastic, so many solos, and Carl on the bass was just cool. Franti was the jumping giant of musical fun. And they sing about things that are worth singing about. If Michael Franti leads a revolution, I'll follow. I'll yell "Fire, Fire, Fire" and light up my lighter! (Actually I don't have a lighter, I had to hold up my mobile last night, which is almost as inspiring.)

I jumped, and danced, and sang, and waved my hands in the air like I just don't care, all night. Well almost all night. It took me a little while to warm up, but I found it difficult to stay still with such awesome cool happening on stage. Yeah, Yeah.

When he's back, I'll be back. And so should you.

Everyone deserves music, sweet music
Even our worst enemies Lord, they deserves music, music
Even the quiet ones in our family, they deserve music
So I pray for them and I'll play for them
So I pray for them and I'll play for them
- Michael Franti and Spearhead

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I'm going to John Mayer!

He's not a girly man. So neither am I.

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Dressing Down

Today I got in trouble from one of Australia's foremost Old Testament scholars.

This morning I missed the shower a few times. And every time you miss the shower it adds about 15 minutes on to your morning. And this morning I meant to get up at 7 but I didn't make it to the shower till 8, the time I need to leave for College.

So I went to college about half an hour late. When I arrived I was debating whether or not to go into the lecture. We had a visiting lecturer today who I have found to be rather uninteresting in the past so I considered just going straight to the Library to study for my assessment. But in the end I thought "I'll go to the last 20 minutes, they might be useful."

So I walked into the classroom and everyone turned to look at me. The lecturer (who, did I mention, is one of Australia's foremost Old Testament scholars) looked at me and said "What's your excuse?"

I wasn't sure if he was being friendly or not so I said "Everyone was in the shower."

The class laughed but he didn't.

"That's no excuse." he said.

"Oh," I replied "it's all I've got."

Because that annoys me when people ask for an excuse and then you give them one and they say "That's no excuse" and I think, well actually it is. And I can't give you a better one because I don't have one, that would be lying.

He said "Well you look alright without a shower. You should have just come."

Which I decided to take as a compliment so I said "Thank you"

He replied "You can sit down"

About 5 minutes later another guy rocked up late. His lame excuse was that he had a baby to look after. The lecturer replied "You've got a wife to look after your son, you're here to come to college and you must be on time." Then he went on a tangent about how there is a grace period but the two of us had missed it and he should have locked the other guy out and anyone else who turned up late would be barred from entering for sure.

Then we got on with the lecture.

Until the end when he told us that Proverbs was speaking to people just like us who needed to come to class on time.

And then he dropped it.

Until the end of the last lecture when he told us again that he was sorry to have got us in trouble but we needed to come to class on time. We have to be punctual or our ministries will suffer because people think that we have no integrity.

By that stage I had decided I was glad I went to class because getting busted was much more interesting than doing study. Plus the lecture were pretty good too, he gave my brain a work out.

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Job Well Done

I knew the discovery of the 5% a week loss of marks for assessments at college was going to hurt me. I have an assessment due in on Friday that I haven't started. And chances are I'll procrastinate my way through the next two weeks and only register a 10% blip.

If only they took off 10% a day like most student hating colleges. Then I might actually have some respect for this due date. But at the moment the due date seems more like the "if you feel like it and have nothing better to do" date. And I don't feel like it and I have plenty better to do.

But if any of you feel like answering my question for me...

Is it possible to justify God's treatmentment of Job?

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I didn't have to teach scripture this morning so I slept in, then got distracted by for an hour. How annoying. That's an hour that could have been spent doing something else. It was like I was procrastinating from having breakfast. Who does that?!?

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Robbery Number One

We had our first robbery from our house today. Sometime this afternoon while Ryan was studying upstairs someone walked into our house and into Mil and Martin's room, picked up their laptop, unplugged the charger, plugged in their bedside lamp and walked out. All they took was the laptop and charger.

How odd.

Sadly Mil has a big assessment on the computer that's due on Wednesday. Poor Mil.

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I think I'll save the planet.

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In Stitches

I was just looking at my teeth in the mirror and I noticed a little bit of blue thread poking out between my teeth. I gave a little pull, there was a funny feeling in my mouth, and out came a stitch. It turns out the dentist left one of my stitches in my gum. It only came out week and a half late.

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I love the smell of spring. It smells full of possibilities.

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It's not hard to fall
And I don't wanna lose
It's not hard to grow
When you know that you just don't know

Damien Rice

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Matisyahu is like the Switchfoot of Jewish Reggae. He's way cool!

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John Mayer is coming to Sydney! Yip!

He's playing at the Enmore 3rd November! Woohoo.

What a year!


Life is good to me.

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United 93

I went and saw United 93 today. I thought it was good. The whole thing is shot like a documentary and some of the actually people involved (who didn't die) play themselves. It's interesting to see how disorganised the US was to handle an incident like September 11. The film didn't seem to be overly righteous about America. The only bit that really urked me was when the passengers were preparing to storm the the terrorists the filmmakers juxaposed passengers praying the Lord's Prayer with the terrorists praying in Arabic. I'd rather Hollywood didn't perpetuate the idea that the War on Terror is a war between Islam and Christianity. As I see it it's a war between the rich, imperialist West against angry, murderous extreamists. Perhaps those fighting the war see it as a religious war, but I'm sure if the West was better behaved there would be no jihad. But what would I know?

But apart from that the film was good. I got nervous even though I knew what was going to happen. Maybe that increased my nerves because it brought back September 11 so well. I remember that day, it was weird, it felt like the whole world was about to come down. I'm happy it didn't it's just slowly pulling itself to pieces, but when has the world not been doing that?

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The Wedding of Fun

It's like rain on your wedding day - Alanis Morissette

I guess it's time to report on the Wedding of Fun! Hooray.

I woke myself up at a reasonable hour and headed over to Howie's. I said I'd be there between 9 and 10 and I arrived at 10:20am, so that's not too bad.

We sat on the couch and watched Jamie Cullum on DVD. I love that DVD. Howie wasn't wearing much. That was fine because one of my jobs as the Best Man is to help him to get dressed I heard. So I cleaned his shoes as that was all the help I felt I could offer. But we groomsmen (David, Kostas and I)were at least encouraging. Howie's mum was the most help. She ironed our shirts and pants for us.


Howie in his state of undress an hour before the wedding.

Anyway we got dressed and did our hair. Michael, our driver, turned up and tied all our ties for us as we are all tie knot impared. And then it was off to the Chapel to get Howie married.

We arrived and got a few photos taken and then stood around saying "Hello" to people.

Finally after a bit of lateness the women arrived. We positioned ourselves on the stage and waited.

The Bridesmaids were looking spesh, all green and cream and stuff. And the Bride she looked darn good too. I reckon Howie scored!

The wedding was fun. The Band was funky, especially their Amazing Grace. It was weird standing there looking at Howie and thinking "Gosh, that's Howie, getting married." How can someone so close to you do something so grown up?

I much enjoyed the Lucky Door Prize. Who has a wedding with a lucky door prize? They do.

After the reception it was off to Eden Gardens for our photos. Keith drove the couple wearing his OV uniform which was most funny. I loved the OVs.

It was raining at Eden Gardens. We headed out into the gardens for the photos but found ourselves hiding in various structures and under various umbrellas more than actually doing photos. I was on Bridal Umbrella Duty for a little while holding the Howies' umbrella which made me feel important.

Hiding from Rain.jpg

Hiding from the rain during photos

The reception was in an under cover attrium thing. I was the MC which, to my perplexion, meant that I was the chief liason with the Venue Manager. I didn't really know what was going on, so I just made things up and gave the man instructions to do this or that, I think I made up the right things about the reception because nothing went too badly wrong.

It was fun seeing lots of people at the reception. I can't really remember many of the conversations I had, but I'm sure they were good.

For the speeches I was all ready to give toasts and stuff but I think the speechers (apart from me) had been told not to do a toast, so I'd prepared everyone to be ready to toast, but the toasting never came. But seeing as I never got the instruction I toasted in my speech anyway because it's fun, and I like drinking champagne.

The speech was a bit scary. It was like preparing a sermon with no Bible passage. I felt a little lost. In the end I was just rude to Robert for a while and then was nice to both of them at the end. I think that's the traditional format. I think I would have liked to have said more nice things, but I got lost. I read out Robert's poem which got many laughs. It was good because while it was he that wrote it, it just made him embarrassed and me look funny. Score!

Once all was done at the reception I got to drive The Gowies to their hotel. When we arrived Howie (the male one) had to run in and pee while we were in the driveway so Jenny and I parked the car and unloaded it. The Hotel men kept thinking Jenny and I were the couple, which was a little weird. I had to keep insisting that I was leaving, Hubby was inside. Once he arrived back things sorted themselves out and I left them to go honeymooning.

I came home and sat around in the Commie House with some Commie types.

Then I went to bed.

It was a special day. They're special people. I really like them. I'm excited to see them together. I'm looking forward to being their friend. It was an honour to get to be a Best Man in their best day. I'm praying for much goodness in their marriage in the many years ahead.

Hoorah for the Howie Family!

The Couple.jpg

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The electrictian came today to fix the problem we've been having of loud pops, bright sparks and smoky smells coming from the ceiling of our kitchen.

This is what he found:

Chewed Wire.jpg

Melted Wires.jpg

The wires have been chewed through by rats and the others are completly metled, singed and burnt through. I'm most happy to still be alive.

What did I say about the electrics?

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I think I'll blog yesterday tomorrow. I'm feeling a little sleepy at this stage.

Today however was nice, and is simple to blog. It was the usual Sunday biz (Drama, Youth, Church) but today Dad came to church for lunch. So we went to a local cafe spent 2 hours there. I rarely spend that much time alone with my Dad and what's more he probably spent 60% of the time talking. He talked so much that I finished my meal before he did! That was cool. I liked hearing what my Dad had to say. He talked about his work and the tension between trying to get the company to be good ethical members of the corporate community and not wanting to be seen as pushing his Christian agenda. I'm pleased with my Dad.

With youth group we went to the retirement village today with a record number of people and there were very few people there. But the ones that were there were fun. We had one lady who organised most of us into a big game of charades. That was cool.

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The Day

It's Wedding Day.


I hope the food is good.

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As I was driving home tonight there was a palm leaf on the road. I drove over it. I felt like Jesus and the HannahVan was my trusty donkey. I hope I don't get crucified this week.

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Yesterday night I was driving home and it started to rain. But I beat the rain to my house. So I went and got some clothes off the line for today. Everything was dry but I was just lazy. I didn't figure there'd be too much rain.

In the last 24 hours there was more rain in Sydney than there has been in whole month of September since 1884 or something like that. And it all fell on my clothes.

Dam it. (Pun intended)

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What annoys me is that Triple M often talk about their podcasts on the radio. And they say "Podcast this show at". And I think "No! We don't podcast it, you do. We subscribe." They could say "Get our podcast" or "Subscribe to our podcast" or "Go stick your dirty cyber-hands all over our hot podcasts!" but they shouldn't say "Podcast this show". It's wrong. It's bad grammar.

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Random Poet

We had a man knock on our door tonight while we were eating dinner, walk in, sit down at the table with us, read us a poem he wrote, then leave the way he came.

It's moments like that that I love about this house.

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My scripture class was well behaved for the first time ever today. It was great!

I gave them a competition to complete while I read them our book and they were quiet the whole time. It was fantastic!

I went to the city to get my stitches out and missed my bus back to work so I ate lunch and bought two cds. That was goodness too.

And I had drinks with Phil and Megan. Also fun.

So I think I'd give today I high score on the score board of days.

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Kelly Country

Today we went to Kelly Country. After a morning coffee (hot chocolate and apple danish) with Ryan and Mil, Howie, David, Kostas and Eleni arrived to go suit shopping for the wedding. So we all (except Ryan and Mil) piled into the car and drove down the road to Kelly Country.

Wow! I've been dreaming of Kelly Country ever since seeing the ads on early in the morning when watching cartoons, or late at night stuck between a phone sex ad and a commercial for that restaurant where they ride horses or something. Finally we were going to the store with $99 suits.

And well, Kelly Country did not disappoint. We were in and out with 4 suits and 4 shirts in 20 minutes! Yes. And well, it was just cool. I think I love Kelly Country. It's the dodgy Chinese take-away of tailors. If you know what I mean.

After Kelly Country we took Kostas and Eleni out to see the sites of Sydney (The Opera House and Oporto) and ended up having a beer in a pub in the Rocks. Kostas was very impressed with his Tooheys New.

Not long now till the Wedding of Fun. Hooray. Free food!

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I Began

I began to write about the weekend but it didn't work. I got bored.

But what we did do on the weekend for part of Howie's Buck's Night was play Big Ball Footy. And that was wicked fun, fully sic, and all that!

If you're wondering, Big Ball Footy is pretty much Rugby League with a big exercise ball. And if there are bits of other footy codes you like, you can chuck them in for good measure. We used to play when we were 18 at 1am on local ovals. That was fun, it was like Fight Club but a little more odd and a lot less violent. Someone called the cops on us once and they arrived they didn't want to play with us. But they were mildly amused I think.

Anyway, we gave this game a rebirth on the weekend and it was very fun. I was never into contact sports when I was a young one, I was too scared. But now days I've warmed up a bit. I want to play more.

So Big Ball Footy was cool. It's good to get out on a patch of grass and do battle with a bunch of other guys over a big rubber ball. Shame we were all very unfit and had to have half time after about 12 minutes.

I think we'll play again. And maybe I'll be fitter by then. I doubt it.

I'm still in pain today.

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Sermon's up, if you're interested.

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Steve Irwin's Dead

How wierd is that? Poor man. Poor family.

From here (but here first).

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Too much

It was so packed this last 48ish hours I wouldn't know where to start. At least not when I want to go to sleep.

But I did preach the tricky sermon tonight. I was working on it here and there all weekend. When I got to preaching it I was rather nervous. Felt a little awkward to me. But I came off feeling ok. Not overjoyed, but ok.

But people were happy with it, so I felt good. The ministry time after was great. Karen got people to come up the front to share about what they were involved with that was meeting the needs of the community so we could support them and maybe get involved. It was like an impromptu ministries expo. It was cool. It was one of the most practical ways of doing ministry I think I've seen in a long time. Yeah!

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I haven't eaten pad thai in ages. I think this has been good for my bank account.