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Bible Happy

I wrote a Bible study on Luke 1:5-25 last week and it wasn't very good. It was simple and boring and badly put together.

Today I had to do it with my seniors (I did it with my juniors on Friday) and I was determined to make it good. So we did it and I put a lot more effort in giving back ground and pulling out connecting passages and I had lots of fun. I'm not sure how the rest went, one of the girls fell asleep, but I thought it was cool. Actually come to think of it one of the guys fell asleep too. That makes it two thirds of my small group fell asleep. Gosh.

But, ignoring the narcolepsy inducing tones of my voice, I felt it was a positive experience. We covered salvation history from the time of King David to the End of the World. And we looked at prophesy, and Elijah and the work of John the Baptist. I think we looked at Luke, Mark, Matthew, Acts and Malachi, which I thought was pretty impressive.

So I don't know how the study went in comparison to others, but I'd hate to think what it would have been like if I just did the one I'd written last week.