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I was at a primary school yesterday talking to a group of about 40 kids. When I do this I usually do a promotion for the camps that my organisation runs every holidays. Yesterday the teacher running the group did the promo and pointed out to the kids that there's a photo of me in the brochure. He also suggested that if I'm kind I might sign the brochures for them. I laughed.

Then after I had done my Bible talk and it was time for everyone to leave for class the teacher handed out the brochures and told the kids to go to me if they wanted the brochure signed. So about 15 kids lined up asking for signatures. "You don't want my signature." I said. But they insisted. "I don't have a pen, oh well" I said. The teacher handed me a pen. Darn. I really didn't want to sign a bunch of holiday camp brochures. But I did because I couldn't think of an easy way out. So I signed a whole bunch of brochures yesterday because there's a tiny photo of me in a group inside. Next time I sign a bunch of stuff with a permanent marker I want it to be my hip-hop CD. That will be an achievement worth signing stuff for.

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Magical Marriages

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Here is a list of things that are not women, but if they were I would marry them. I would probably also become a polygamist if multiple of these things became women:

- Coke
- Thai Food
- Movies
- Potatoes
- The Internet (though I have the feeling it'd have some pretty significant personality issues)
- My 7D
- Siri
- The text messages my bank sends me to say I've been paid
- Sleep
- Noodle soup
- The noise my e-tag makes when I drive through the e-toll
- Aragorn
- Getting parcels in the post
- Summer
- Good jokes

If Vimeo was a person I'd hope it was a man and then we could be friends and make movies together. I'd rather be mates with Vimeo. I think being married to it would be weird.

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Old Friends

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Mil and Martin are currently around from Alice. On the weekend David was up from Melbourne. On Saturday we went up into the mountains with Anmol and hung out with Gem and Jem. These guys are some my old friends. They are people who I have grown up with and we hardly see each other. Every time we hang out I'm struck by how close I am to them all. I think I've mentioned before, they're the kind of friends where even though you may not see each other for months at a time, when you do get together you just pick up where you left off. It's special.

I was thinking about how, when you're a kid you just have friends, when you're a teenager you have a group of friends. You find an identity in your group. When your an adult your group disperses and you have many circles of friends and acquaintances. But if someone were to say to you "We're getting the old group together", it means something, it's not just a line from the movies.

Anyway, I love my old friends. I love the times we spend together. I love the spouses who have joined us of the last few years. One day I hope we all come together from around the world and move into a giant community of houses or houses of giant community and have vegetable stacks in the backyard and beer and stuff. And our kids can date each other.

That'd be special fun. I'm feeling nostalgic for the future.

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From Now On

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From now on I'm only doing what I want to do.

Actually that's not quite true.

From now I'm only doing what I want to do,
what I need to do,
what I'm paid to do,
what I'm committed to do,
what I've volunteered to do,
what other people want me to do,
what I think other people want me to do,
what I feel called to do,
what I shouldn't do but do anyway,
what I don't want to do but do because it's that right thing to do,
and a few other things that I just do and I don't really notice that I do them.

But from now on, that's all I'm doing.

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The Mountains Don't Judge Us

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"If I'm honest, life seems to be an ever widening circle of acquaintances and take-them-or-leave-them friendships, and an ever shrinking circle of the those friends who you know are your family.

The mountains don't judge us."

I just found this post in my blog folder on my computer. I don't think I wrote it. Did you? Did I copy and paste your blog post?

Whatever the case, I quite like the post.

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