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United 93

I went and saw United 93 today. I thought it was good. The whole thing is shot like a documentary and some of the actually people involved (who didn't die) play themselves. It's interesting to see how disorganised the US was to handle an incident like September 11. The film didn't seem to be overly righteous about America. The only bit that really urked me was when the passengers were preparing to storm the the terrorists the filmmakers juxaposed passengers praying the Lord's Prayer with the terrorists praying in Arabic. I'd rather Hollywood didn't perpetuate the idea that the War on Terror is a war between Islam and Christianity. As I see it it's a war between the rich, imperialist West against angry, murderous extreamists. Perhaps those fighting the war see it as a religious war, but I'm sure if the West was better behaved there would be no jihad. But what would I know?

But apart from that the film was good. I got nervous even though I knew what was going to happen. Maybe that increased my nerves because it brought back September 11 so well. I remember that day, it was weird, it felt like the whole world was about to come down. I'm happy it didn't it's just slowly pulling itself to pieces, but when has the world not been doing that?