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Shirts Off Has Begun

We (Hayley, Ryan, Mil and I) started "Shirts Off Summer 06/07" today with a trip to the beach. It was fun. I am now well burnt in the non-tanned parts of me. Cancer and brown here I come.

We had chips and scallops for lunch. Yum.

My new car stereo is fun. It plays cds and sounds nice.

I went of meeting for Big Brother Big Sister tonight. It was training for Bigs on Sexuality and how to deal with related issues with their littles. I was a bit scared because I figured being a Christian I was probably going have different ideas from most of the people in the room. I didn't really want to have to tell everyone my views on sex, but I figured that there was a chance I might. So I started bracing myself for feeling like a religious, conservative, prude. But happily, the only time I had to express and opinion I sided with the vast majority of the group because the questions were only on Sex Education. So I was happy with that.