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I went for a run yesterday! The last recorded time for such an energetic and fitness creating activity was in April 2004.

Me and some of the other homies (Mil, Martin and Ryan) we all did jogging through the grimy streets of Enmore. Unfortunately due to a medical emergency Mil and Martin had to turn back. Ryan and I, however, soldiered on. We ran to Sydney Park and ran up the hill and then down the hill and then around a bit and then up the hill and then down and then around to another side and up again. Or something like that. And then we ran home.

Ryan took me through all these back streets which I didn't recognise, except I did because every back street in the inner-west looks the same. I was terribly lost. If Ryan was in the mood to kidnap me that would have been the time to do it because I had no idea where I was. I couldn't have escaped or nothing.

Today my legs hurt. But I might go for another run. Maybe on Friday. I'll be staying in Hornsby on Friday so I could do my old run, just for old times sake. Plus, no one could kidnap me there, it's my old stomping ground. I'll stomp on them.