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Ain't No John Keating

I had my last ever scripture lesson with my year sixes at the primary school today. I was determined to have a good lesson. But traffic was bad, so I didn't get to plan. However that didn't matter in the end because a small but significant group talked the whole way through the lesson which meant that we didn't get anything done. Most of the class talked. But some of the class talked, and shouted, and ran around all the time.

One kid, I told him to stop talking and turn around for 30 seconds straight before he did it. And it wasn't that he just didn't hear me. I was standing right in front of him, he'd look at me, then just kept talking. I ended up keeping some of them back for a bit of recess. It was rather sad because you want your last class to leave good memories. But alas.

One girl, as she was walking out of the class room said "Thanks for tolerating my bad behaviour". At least she noticed.

You'd think that after having two straight demoralising years you'd cut your losses and get out. But I walked out of the school today determined to go back next year and get it right. That may be a silly idea but I want to beat this one, I think I believe in the concept too much. And I like the kids too. I loved that class. If only I could just be their friend.