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Today (Monday) was an interesting day. Helen was back on board which was fun. I like having her back. Office productivity has gone down and time spent at lunch has gone up.

We had the lunchtime group at school and one of the guys shared his story about becoming a Christian. He used to be a "bad boy" (drugs, alcohol, violence) but went to a local youth group, became a Christian and now he's on fire. It was very cool to see. I loved seeing someone so passionate about Jesus.

I created a Bible Study about the Bible, which was fun. I had lot's of curly questions in it like "Is it ok for the Bible to be self-authenticating?" and I was really looking forward to a bit of vibrant discussion on the whole thing. But when it got to small group everything was rather quiet. I'm not sure why. So I'm not sure what people thought. I found it hard because I didn't know what people were thinking so it all felt a bit flat. And when you ask curly questions, and then try and give good answers but you don't get much feedback you worry that maybe you've just destroyed people's faith or something.

Anyway I hope everyone went home a Christian.

At home I had very nice chats with house people. Jem and I spent ages sitting on the couch discussing vulnerability (again) and commitment and other important things.