11/28/2006 09:29:00 am

Getting Personal

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Hello Liam.

I just thought I'd say "Hi" because I know you're out there at some computer somewhere. I know that right now you're thinking of me. Actually, even if you're not Liam, right now you're thinking of me. For as long as you're reading this blog I will be forefront in your mind. Or at least, some of the front. So perhaps I'll keep typing to continue to hold this prime place in your neuro-lobes. That's a medical term I made up.

Anyway, Liam. I just wanted to say "Hello". I did enjoy standing with you shooting the poop on the verandah of the Skiffity club on Saturday. You looked rather swish in the most platonic of man complimentary ways.



P.S. Hi Mum.