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Fully Hectic

I think I like the current usage of the word "hectic", I'm worried it might enter my vocab and I'll feel like a try hard, 'cause I'm not as cool as the people who properly use it.

I had to get up early today to go meet my new friend, my little brother from BBBS. I finally have one and today was our first "hang out". I met him and his family on Tuesday. I liked them a lot. He's 11 (I think) and a very fun guy. We went to the local park and played touch footy for the majority of our 2 hours. I taught him how to throw a frisbee too. I think that could be one of the most important parts of knowlege that I'll impart to him in our whole relationship.

Then next it was off to church so I could take my small group slot car racing. That was more fun than I thought it would be. Racing little cars around a big track has a feeling of simple fun. I was thinking that if I didn't hang out with 12 year olds on a regular basis I wouldn't have nearly as much fun as I do.

When that was done I came home and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up and went to see I am a C which is a production put on by a bunch of Wesley and ex-Wesley students (I think). I went with Jem. I was a little nervous going to see it because I knew it involved dance and I knew that there was only going be an audience of 8 people per performance. But it was good.

The show was set as a tour of a Bible college. The college was a little creepy and surreal with preachers on TV who preach damnation and an art exhibition of many copies of one colouring in Sunday School picture.

Anyway the show was full of diffent projectors and lights and we got taken from room to room to see differnt parts of college life. There wasn't a lot of dance, but it was used well when it was there. I did enjoy myself. And it was good to see people doing performance art differently.

Jem and I ended our night eating Pad Thai at Gray's place. I don't know Gary well, he's from Jem's church, but he's good fun to be around.

Now I might go to sleep to make up for lost sleep.