12/09/2006 12:15:00 am

Gum Bum

Posted by Unknown |

I got rung by the dentist's assistant today to confirm my appointment for Monday. She asked me if I could come an hour earlier because the Dentist had decided he wanted me to see the Hygienist because I'm due to see her again. That was sad. I don't want to see the Hygienist. When they told me to see her again in 6 months back in June I was planning to conveniently forget. But alas, my conscientious Dentist has remembered for me. And now I'm going to get in trouble because the special pack she gave me of things to cause pain to my gum with, quickly disappeared under my bed. So I haven't done any of the things she told me to do.

Anyway, I guess on Monday she'll poke my gums with a big, metal prong, make me bleed and tell me I'm going to die if I don't floss more. I guess I can cope with that.