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The Tooth is Out There

So I lost my tooth again today! But this time it was done by the Dentist. Today was implant day. At least day one.

I got up early. 6am. So early. I went and hopped on a train and arrived at Dentist's door at 7:32am. Can you think of anything worse?

Anyway the dentist saw me and took my fake tooth out so that the Periodontist could put the implant in. He scrapped all the resin off my teeth and buffed them up. I now have nice smooth teeth for the first time in almost 6 months!

When he was finished, and just before I left, the Dentist had a go at me because the insurance company hasn't paid a single fee to my Dentist. He told me to get the money to him fast or else. At one stage appealed to his philanthropic personality by saying "I'm not getting anything out of this you know." Which then caused me to wonder where all the money went when he charged me $90 for him to take digital pictures of my mouth. But I didn't bring that up. I just nodded and tried to side with him not the insurance company. I figured that was safer.

Once that was done I headed out into the world of Chatswood missing a tooth. My first real experience in public with a missing tooth. It's funny what a missing tooth does to you. My self-confidence plummeted. I went to Boost Juice and Coles to buy stuff and when I spoke I mumbled, opened my mouth as little as possible, kept my head down and couldn't look the shop people in the eye. I wanted people to see me as little as possible. Plus having no tooth gives me a huge speech impediment, so I don't want to talk at all. I'm sure this is teaching me about something that is good to learn.

Anyway, I caught to train to the city and visited Dr Periodontist. They put me in the chair asked me how I was then walked out of the room. They came back in asked me if I'd eaten any breakfast, walked out again. Came back in, handed me 5 pills, told me to take them, walked out again. Came back in and said we just need to get some paper work, walked out again. I fell asleep in the chair. The Dr Perio came in and said "We've been talking to your insurance company and they said they'll pay for your treatment. But that was only a verbal agreement so if they don't you'll be liable to pay for the surgery. Are you happy with that?" I nodded and fell back to sleep. He left. Came back and stuck lots of needles in me then left again. Then a nurse came in with the actual paper work and I signed to say that I was willing to pay $3300 to give someone the privilege of putting a titanium rod in my skull. I thought "Oh well, it's either a tooth or a car" and I fell asleep again and dreamt about savings. Finally I was woken up by the Periodontist saying outside my door "But he's all ready drugged up!" And he came in and did the surgery.

Well, it was special. To know what it feels like to have someone drill a whole into your upper jaw, you need to have some one drill a hole into your upper jaw. It was pretty cool. He was drilling straight into bone and it makes your whole head vibrate. I think I enjoyed that, I felt like I was in some bizarre science fiction movie where crazy scientists drug people and drill holes in their head.

And then it was done. And now I have a metal screw in my mouth.

I caught the train back to the dentist again who did an impression of my teeth and had given his secretary the job of following up the insurance people so he was no longer threatening cement boots. We were friends again. He sent me home to have a rest.

So I went home. Watched some Desperate Housewives and mooched around.

Now my jaw hurts. I'll go back to the dentist tomorrow to get a comsmetic tooth put in. Yip!