10/29/2006 11:51:00 pm


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The weekend is finished.

I preached on 1 Kings 21 tonight. It was one of those ones that takes it out of you. Like you're going fine when you're up there but you come off and you're wasted.

I enjoyed the sermon though. I now have three sermons on Elijah between 1 Kings 17 and 1 Kings 21 up my sleeve. That's the substance of a series there. That's set of talks for a camp. That's pretty good.

I'm finding sermons harder to write these days I think. Maybe not, but I seem to be struggling more to find illustrations, and express points and all that. I spent 5 hours yesterday staring at a blank screen. Maybe it's like one day I'll just stop being able to write sermons. I'll just run out of steam. I hope not though. I do like preaching.