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So Much Sacred in the Month of November

I'm not sure if it's eating my kebab or reading my emails that's making me feel sick. It's probably the kebab seeing as emails don't usually make me feel like this.

John Mayer was awesome! Flippin' fantastic! He's such a good guitarist. The concert was just pure musical pleasure. So many good solos, so many good musicians, lots of good songs.

John himself seems a little fake, or sleazy, or like a rock star. I'm not sure what. When he does solos he seemed to stare at one particular person, which would probably be rather uncomfortable if you were that person I reckon. And playing his guitar, at times, he looked rather orgasmic. So he seemed a little strange. But, damn, can he play. It was great.

And he's coming back in April! Woohoo! If Donny doesn't get in the way, I'll be there and you should join me.