12/25/2006 11:47:00 am


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Christmas to you all.

I'm at Church and I just finished service number 5 in the 25 hour Church Service Marthathon. I did PowerPoint and I actually enjoyed it. I like PowerPoint. And seeing as I'm not sure the rest of my family made it to church, I'm happy I got to a Christmas day service.

Soon it's off to the Relis to do the cousins thing.

Last night I squeezed in a family do with Grandpa, Valentina and some wonderful extras. It was nice. Though short. I had only 2 hours between services.

Oh and Christmas with the house yesterday morning was lovely too. Hot chocolate and wonderful people. And good presents. It's all been very plesent.

I'm a little over the whole church service thing though.

But I won't be back here till Thursday! Hooray two days off! Merry Christmas!