12/29/2006 01:10:00 am


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I was in the video store in Enmore with Mil and Jem tonight and a man came up to me and said "Tom French?"

I replied "Yes". I had no idea who the man was.

"I read your blog sometimes."

Wow. Recognised in a video store.

Turns out he is a friend of Lesley's and he reads her blog. We didn't have much more of a conversation than that. He didn't ask me to sign anything. And I didn't find out his name. Oh well.

Hello Man in the Video Store.

Next time I meet a random off the street who recognises me from one of my many fame creating activities, I hope they get a photo with me and tell me they named their first child after me. That'd be pretty cool.

We ended up getting Fever Pitch, the 1997 one, not the Adam Sandler one. It wasn't very good. Colin Firth's character was an idiot who I spent the whole movie hoping the girl would break up with him and leave him for good. It doesn't say much for a romantic comedy when that happens. The Adam Sandler one, dare I say it, was actually much better.

And then Ryan, Martin and I watched Once Upon a Time in China which was cool. Rather silly in the silly Kung Fu movie kinda way, but much more enjoyable then the other one.