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Walk Cat

I went on a bush walk today from somewhere to Otford. It was with one of the guys in my youth group, his dad and two other men they knew. It was a bit of fun. They were good blokes. I do like bush walking. If only I would do it more often.

Biggest problem of the day was that I had to be in Otford at 8am after finishing DVD burning at 2:30am. That was a rather painful experience.

Then I came home tonight and was offered a ticket to The Cat Empire at the Enmore tonight. So thinking that I shouldn't waste an opportunity I went.

They were fun. Good music. Problem was that I didn't know the songs and I wasn't with people I knew very well, so it was all a little surreal. But I'm pretty sure I'm glad I went. At least now I can say I've seen The Cat. And it's just made my year of live music that little bit bigger.