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I think I'll blog yesterday tomorrow. I'm feeling a little sleepy at this stage.

Today however was nice, and is simple to blog. It was the usual Sunday biz (Drama, Youth, Church) but today Dad came to church for lunch. So we went to a local cafe spent 2 hours there. I rarely spend that much time alone with my Dad and what's more he probably spent 60% of the time talking. He talked so much that I finished my meal before he did! That was cool. I liked hearing what my Dad had to say. He talked about his work and the tension between trying to get the company to be good ethical members of the corporate community and not wanting to be seen as pushing his Christian agenda. I'm pleased with my Dad.

With youth group we went to the retirement village today with a record number of people and there were very few people there. But the ones that were there were fun. We had one lady who organised most of us into a big game of charades. That was cool.