11/28/2006 10:46:00 pm


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I did go to the beach today, I did have fun and I did get burnt.

Then I went to hang out with my Little Brother. We went to Homebush Aquatic Centre and aquated around. It was good fun. I did feel a little old and hairy to be playing on the water slide and in the rapids, but that's ok. I'm used to feeling a little old for the fun I partake in. We had fun.

When I drop my LB off I went in and hung around with his family a bit. They invited me to stay for dinner, so I did. It was really nice. They're a pretty hectic family. But I like them lots. I got to look at his little sister's home work, read a book with his little brother. And eat dinner with the whole family. I had fun.

Tomorrow I'm off to the Public School to do my Annual Christmas Stand-Up Routine. I hope I'm still "the funny guy." I could be a flop. Actually I should worry about the message, but that doesn't give you an instant response like laughter does, so it's hard to worry about it as much.

I hope I'm funny and effective. Yeppers.