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Yesterday I cleaned my room for a few hours, listening to music by famous people. It was good and productive. My recycling bin now has a lot more paper to deal with. I didn't finish but everything is feeling a bit better, cleaner.

I managed to make it to the pub. I sms-ed many people and wondered who might turn up. I spent the first 15 minutes sitting out the front of the Blue Gum waiting for a friend. David arrived and we sat down for a quiet drink, Coke for me, red wine for him. Jo and Howie arrived later and joined us and the night was getting underway. Sal turned up next and added an easily amused element to the proceedings. Ryan came along too. He was wearing a Strongbad T-shirt. That was cool. Seeing as I needed to drink, there was a bunch of tequila sunrises bought. I managed to spill mine all over myself before I drunk any of it. But once I got my drinking problem out of the way I quite enjoyed the beverage. Helen turned up too, making it 7 days in a row that I've seen her. We didn't talk work. At least not for a while.

Jo and I had a go at betting on the dogs (money-free betting though) and I managed to win while completely misunderstanding how to bet. Jo alas, won not much.

David played a silly computer game in the corner and got all the high scores. That though, was due to the fact that no-one else was silly enough to play the game so there were no other high scores.

Later in the evening after some departing ("Bye Ryan" "Bye Sal") Jo (Sister) and Tinku turned up for a silly game of pool. We got kicked out of the pub after that. They wanted to close down.

We finished the night at Maccas where I managed to spill my drink on myself again. More silly conversation was had, but I cannot remember anything we talked about. There was a toddler there with his family and he managed to walk into the glass and hit his head with a loud bang. That was a bit distressing, poor kid.

The night ended after McDonald's. I hope everyone slept well, I did.