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I just got home from Louise's 19th birthday dinner. It was a nice occasion. We all sat around the table and ate, dinner. I put on a cd by a French accordion player called Buckwheat. That was terrible music. There were often awkward pauses in the conversation so Buckwheat the French accordion player would come through and soften the impact of the lull in conversation. It was fun though. The food was top quality. I was having trouble fitting it all in, I had had a big lunch to close to dinner. I working at finding new places in my stomach to put the dinner. We played a game called articulate. It got us talking. Were silly.

I gave a lift home to a girl called Kara. She was a friendly chap. Actually I gave her a lift to Hornsby and she disappeared into the night from there. It was good to meet another new person in my life. I'm thinking that perhaps now though she'll be another one of those people who you see around but have nothing much to say to, because you met them at a party and had one conversation. One of those people. Oh well, we'll see what happens.