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We watched Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring - Extended Edition last night at David's. I arrived after having a leader's thank you dinner at Church, which was very nice.

Watching the film was good fun. We all sat around, people made jokes. We projected it and turned it up a bit. We had a mild sized turn out, but they were all lovely anyway. We bonded and fellowshiped with the ring. Since reading the books, I understand more. This time, when the Ring Wraiths turned up I got a bit scared. Before they weren't so frightening, but now that I know what they are, and what they do, and how the hobbits must have been feeling, I was genuinly fearful. That's good. I like it when movies affect me. Now I can't wait for Friday. I think I'm looking forward to watching the next to films more than I am Christmas. So exciting.