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I went into the city today because I had to figure out my vision for youth ministry and I wanted to do it in conducive environs of Hyde Park. It was a nice place. When I arrived at the park there was an old lady feeding pigeons under my favorite tree. There were hundreds of pigeons all over her. There was also two gay men (well at least they were giving off that air) in business clothes chasing each other around the park, tackling each other, rolling around on the grass together, and generally having a good old flirt. They looked like they were in year seven. They looked very cute. I've never found gay men cute before but I think it was the clothes that did it for me.

When it started raining and getting my paper wet I covered my paper and slept till the rain went away.

I walked back to the station via the convenience store and bought myself a packet of Nacho Cheese Doritos and a bottle of Coke.