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I just finished reading Return of the King and just in time too. What a wonderful book. I still have a lot of appendices to read.

We went to church this morning, at St Pete's. It was interesting to be back. It felt funny, like I fell away and now only go to Church on Easter and Christmas. But I might be back next Sunday for Barry's last service. Mum got me to help with the children's talk and I somehow got conned into leading actions for "Wide, Wide as the Ocean" Olde Style. I've left the Church a year and I still get roped into doing things. Once a St Peter's kid always a St Peter's kid.

We went to the Castle's after Church as is Christmas tradition. And according to Christmas tradition we gave presents in the lounge room listening to The Wiggles while Hannah banged a balloon. The Castle's make wonderful cards and wrap good. I only wrapped one present for them (the others were either already given or joint with Jo so she wrapped) that was Jem's. She got hers in a bag, the same bag that Hannah got her present in last night, and her card I found in their recycling. It was to Gemma, and said something about Christmas, so I respelt Jemma's name and crossed out the name of the person who signed it and put on mine. It's pretty dodgy, but I hope they know I love them.

Lunch consisted of a gathering of people from many nations of the earth. Represented we had Australia, Britain, Hungry, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Romania and Mum named herself to be from New Zealand just to add to the festivities. Christmas lunch if not spent with the wider family tends to pick up various people who don't have another Christmas to go to. I really like that. There was a little old lady that Hannah took a shine to and liked to attack with hits and kicks much to the displeasure of this little lady. As a result I spent most of the time before lunch jumping on the trampoline with Hannah.

Lunch was very nice.

After lunch I cleaned up a bit then lay on my bed and finished my book. I fell asleep for 10 minutes too.