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In other news...

Ryan and I booked our holiday accommodation for the first week in January. We're going to Coolangatta and staying here. We'll probably go to the beach, I might get a little tanned, not on purpose though. I'll read my book. We'll go see a movie. Eat take away food. Maybe got to Movie World or somewhere like that.

I went to the Christmas Party. That was nice. Quiet. I had to dance. That was quite distressing. I wore a netted green top, and a pink singlet top. Both were way too small and made me look anything but attractive, or male. Still it was a silly dance, we took the piss out of "Unboxed". Jo assisted, and her being a co-creator, I didn't have to worry about offending anyone.

I don't think I want to dance again. It was very hard work and I have no fitness.

After the party we sat around and talked for a while.