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Yesterday I also got to go to one of the local primary schools and do a Christmas talk. I had to do it twice because they couldn't fit the whole school into the library together. The infants came first and they were great. Really well behaved, laughed at all my jokes. I'm not sure if they got the point, but they had fun. I told them I was very excited to be at their Easter assembly and they all shouted back that it was Christmas. Exactly how I'd planned.

The primary kids on the other hand when I asked them if it was Easter or Christmas, they all shouted "Easter!" which then made it difficult for me to continue with the talk as I actually didn't have an Easter talk planned, I was just using that to warm up the kids. Luckily I was saved when the MC informed me that it actually was Christmas and I could continue with the talk.

After the assemblies they had a massive morning tea. Full of cakes and pies and sandwiches and other things. It was amazing. It was a table laden with good food. So I stood around and ate that and made small talk for a while. That was pleasant but I had to leave because I had a meeting with Helen and Steve to attend. I'm happy I did leave, because in the playground I got mobbed by kids. It was great. They all wanted to come and talk to me and see what was in my box and look at the toys I brought along for the talk (an Easter bunny and baby doll). I got to talk to them about school and Christmas, and names. It was good fun. I love hanging out with kids. I only got to spend about 5 minutes in the play ground because the bell went. But I'm happy I got do that.