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I want to post something that's not about my day. All I seem to do at the moment is post about my day. "Today I did this..." "Today I did that..." Well not now. Not tonight. Tonight I'm not going to talk about what I did tonight. Perhaps I will talk about something different. I will talk about theology. I will talk about art. I will talk about philosophy. I will talk about abstract concepts. I will talk about concrete realities. I will talk about pain and death, and hope and love. I will talk about dreams and talk about magic. I will talk about nothing and everything at once.

Once I was talking to someone and I was sick of having conversations with them that never went anywhere. We talked a lot but never about anything important. We never talked about the deep things that we needed too. I think I said that it annoyed me that we talked about nothing and everything at once. Or maybe I didn't say it, maybe I just planned to say it, but never got there.

Perhaps I won't talk about everything above, but one day I would like to. I dream about doing blog posts that are works of art. Or stories. I've been thinking about writing fictional stories and sticking them on my blog. Just because. Not because I'd be any good, but perhaps because you can write differently when you write fiction. Perhaps that's something to do when I have a holiday.