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It's been a weird few days. I think I haven't had enough sleep. Perhaps I've got PMS.

I got invited to the beach today, twice, in the space of about 10 minutes. How bummed was I? Friday and today, perfect beach days, and I'm working. Yesterday, planned to go to the beach, but "Nooooooo", yesterday wasn't a beach day.

Matt had his last service today. I led it. No one could tell me what was going to happen in the service. Everytime I asked someone they'd tell me to ask someone else. In the end was planned the service about 10 minutes before it started. Then we changed the plans during the first bracket of songs. Steve and I stood on the side and nattered like old women, I felt very un-holy.

It was a good farewell to Matt. It wasn't very sad, for me. Perhaps because he isn't going all that far away and I haven't had the same involvement in his ministry as a lot of other people. But it was nice to see how important he is to everyone. And he was important to me, still is.

Emma got farewelled too. That was sad. Maybe because Emma's so cool and I don't know her very well, and now there is much less of a chance to know her. I think they're both great people. When I'm old and grown up, perhaps I'll ask them over for dinner or a barbie.

We went to McDonald's at the end. Half the world seemed to be there. That was cool. I hung out with some kids from my youth group. Yay for youth group kids.