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I forgot to write about Monday night. Not that it's important but one figures it's worth doing.

Ryan and I were planning on going out to dinner and then watching a movie. But we decided to go see what was on first and then go find some food. Once we did that though we discovered that S.W.A.T. was the only movie on at a good time that we wanted to see. And it was on in about 10 minutes. So we headed off to Coles, bought some Pringles and Coke and went and saw the film.

It started off well. I always like the idea of films about people with cool, guns and body armour. Especially teams of them. And helicopters, and Police. It was all very cool. But after the start it all went down hill. It was the same dull action movie that most are. It could have been good. There were good ideas in it. The $100 million to free the prisoner was a good idea. But they didn't play that to it's full potential. And it had too much cheesy action movie humour, and some really terrible scripting.

If, though, they got Michael Mann to do it, and got him to run over the screenplay that would have been cool. Heat was a damn good film. Having S.W.A.T. made like that film would have kicked serious butt. But alas, no.

After the film it was back to Coles to buy some dinner. I discovered myself dancing in the frozen food isle while no one was watching. We came home and ate Vegipastys and wedges. We watched Black Hawk Down on Foxtel. My second movie on Foxtel, my second night in a row. But it was good movie. Better than what we watched at the cinema. It was a pleasant night. Good fun.