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I decided come home. And then go back. The primary school was fun. I got to do my talk again. How cool are primary kids?

After the assembly I went to morning tea with the scripture teachers. That was nice I had a chat to another local youth minister. And met lots of old women. When they started dispersing I took my leave and attempted to walk noticeably through the playground so the kids might run up and talk to me, me being famous and all. Alas, they did not. Until I got right near the gate when a girl from my Sunday School class shouted out to me. I went over to say "G'day" and I was set. I got descended upon by many year 6 kids. They were fun. They thought my feet were massive and tried to get me to say "The Devil is good". They also stole by baby doll and ran around with it.

I have to go back to work tonight for this meeting. Grr. I shouldn't have organised it. I have the same problem again tomorrow. Meeting in the morning, meeting at night, nothing in between. Bler. Oh well. I'll cope.