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Last night I went to a meeting. It wasn't a bad meeting, as far as meetings go. Nothing spectacular. I sat on the floor. The meeting was full of lovely people.

When I went to bed last night I had trouble getting to sleep because I slept for about an hour yesterday afternoon and it was hot. When I did eventually get to sleep though, all I could dream about was being in the meeting again. It was terrible. Nothing happened. People just sat around and discussed nothing. We would sit in big groups and then small groups. Someone might say something but I wouldn't hear what it was. It was like my worst nightmare, an eternal meeting.

This went on from about 1am to 5am. At that stage I got up and got a drink of water in an attempt to drive the dreams away. I think it worked. I dreamt about swinging on our washing line in the backyard.

At 8am when my alarm went off, my door opened all by itself. There was no one about and it had been closed since 5am. It just swung open.