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Ryan, David and I spent the afternoon together. David and I went shopping in the morning for Ryan's present (a dvd player) then we came back to my house. We were going to go to beach but since the day didn't seem beachy enough we decided something different should be done.

We had a bit of an impromtu Christmas affair giving a few presents here and there, us being impatient males. Then we went for a walk to Wahroonga Park (it was a closer replacement to Hyde Park) to eat chips and read books.

On the way we met some boys. They called out to us from behind: "Hey Guys"

We turned around ."G'day" I said, having no idea who they were.

"Were you guys just at the internet cafe? We thought we saw you there."

"Umm no. We were at my house."

"Oh do you have LAN there?"

I almost said "No", and then thought about it and realised that I do so, "Umm, yes."

"How pentium!" said they and ran off. I think they were taking the piss.

We met another lady at the end of the next street. She was old and pushing a pusher.

"You young lads should be off having a good time."

"Oh we are" said Ryan "I hope you are too"

She laughed "Oh, I'm 81 and I've had a good life."

"Oh that's good."

"Ok. Bye."


And we kept walking.