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I'm sitting at work killing time till I have a meeting with Helen and Steve. I'm in a really good mood right now. Funny.

Since Wednesday night, life's been a little strange. Most days I've woken up in a bad mood. And being in a bad mood annoys me, and that perhaps perpetuates the bad mood if that makes sense. I walked around Westfield this morning understanding why it is the men like to punch things when they get angry. Yay for violence.


At this point Steve came into the office and said they were ready for me so I pressed post and left. I'll finish the post now the way I think it was meant to go.

Lucky though, when I got home I had a chat to Mum. She thought that perhaps I had been having bad moods because I was dealing with my grief. Perhaps. Certainly, there's a lot on at the moment. A lot of different things to get a guy in a bad mood. "Praise the Lord" Mum suggested. I had just put on All That You Can't Leave Behind. That sometimes goes on when in a not so positive mood. I like to remember thet "It's a beautiful day" even when life sucks.

Anyway, after U2, Sons of Korah went on, I listened to three tracks at home then drove to work. On the drive I had a pray and a shout then sang along to more of Sons of Korah and their musical Psalms. And now here I am feeling great. This is why the Psalms are so good.