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Today has been very nice. I woke up late. Actually kinda early because Mum woke me up to ask me to drive Hannah to school but then I went back to sleep.

Then I woke up late.

Days off in the middle of the week, (or beginning, like today was) means that people aren't often free to do things with you. Today I didn't bother trying to find someone to hang out with me. I thought about it but couldn't be bothered. If someone had called me up though... Anys, having days off at home depresses me, so I got out of the house again. I went to Hornsby and got the 1:13pm train to the city. I read Return of the King on the journey.

In the city I decided to go see a film, I saw Master and Commander after some Hungry Jacks. The film was good. Lots of good boat action. I remember thinking it didn't look very good from the trailer, but I was impressed. Nothing mind blowing, but worth seeing.

On the way out of the cinema I noticed that sitting on a seat in front of me was a syringe. I looked at it for a while. It didn't seem to have a needle. I thought about putting it in a bin. Then decided not to in case people gave me funny looks. Not for having a syringe, just for picking it up. I get way too worried about what people think about me. When I walked out of the cinema I noticed the cinema attendant standing at the door. I paused, thought about telling her, plucked up the courage, and went and talked to her.

"In the second row there's a syringe sitting on the seat," The woman gave me a look of absolute horror, like that was the worst thing I could ever tell her, and she was going to have to deal with it. "Don't worry, I don't think it's got a needle. I just thought I should tell you" She relaxed a bit and said "Thanks" or something.

I then proceeded to Hyde Park for more book reading and a bit of sleeping in the ever moving, constantly lowering sun.

I came home then.

Robert and I just hired Our Lips Are Sealed, the Olsen twins film that Chris Foy was in, that I went to see film down at Freshwater. It was shocking. We didn't finish it. Absolutely appalling. But we got to see Chris. I don't blame him for the film. I'm happy I stopped it.