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Chruch tonight was lovely.

Whenever I played a sheep, or angel, or shepherd in my Christmas plays I never thought I was cute or any of my friends were. But tonight, that was cute. So many dressed up kids having no idea what to do just standing on the stage looking like underaged angels, sheep, shepherds and turkeys. Gosh. Makes me think I should be in Children's ministry.

The powerpoint went good. People laughed at some of the jokes. I was 50 minutes late for a youth ministry meeting before church because of it, that wasn't deliberate, but I don't mind not going through the values, vision and strategy one more time (sorry you had to Helen).

I got home after church and raced around the house finding bags to put all my families presents in. I hadn't done any wrapping.

We had dinner together (Dad, Mum, Jo, Tinku, Hannah, Lys and I) and then did the present thing. Dinner was nice, always is. I have a good family. Presents were very long, but ok. Hannah was in a bad mood. Or at least destructive, then bad (her computer program present didn't work properly so she lost it). Every time we do presents whenever we give one we have to say one thing we thank God for about the other person. I think that's nice.

I got good things. A new Bible, money for the holiday, a photography course with Jo, a U2 book, a U2 dvd (on order), and a ticket to the movies.

Robert got me an Aragorn action figure that I had been eyeing off a few days ago in the ABC store. I almost bought for myself, but thought it might be useless. Good thing Rob got it for me. Now I have my very own Aragorn doll, posh. (Did I mention that on Monday night I realised that I'm jealous of both Aragorn and Arwen?)

After presents we did a twenty minute Christmas lights drive. Usually they go for longer and we listen to Spindles and the Lamb but the tape player in the van is broken and Hannah was in a bad mood. We spent most of the drive singing Happy Birthday and assorted Christmas carols to keep Hannah happy that we missed a lot of lights and almost all the "Ahhhhhh"s that have to be said when you see some.

When we got home we cleaned up and I played on the computer making various Christmas images. I'm not sure if anyone else will be amused by my various creations but I had fun.

Now it's off to bed. Being 20 and all this is my last year for Santa. I hope he leaves me with something massive as a parting gift (a Miller tripod perhaps?). I'll probably just get the usual assortment of socks, undies, sticky tape and glue. Not that I mind. I love having a useful Santa. He stocks me up for at least 6 months.