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I have this compulsion at the moment to blog my whole life. Everything I do has to go into the blog. I don't know if that's good, but that's what's going on at the moment.

But, well, I still have to now too.

It was, of course, Christmas night so that's worth blogging. It wasn't your typical Christmas night. Usually Christmas night consists of sitting around with everyone saying they feel full, and if you want dinner you'll have to have cheese on toast. Then perhaps you'll watch a video and go to bed.

But tonight I headed off to the Beach. Sal was kind enough to travel with me. We picked up Rachel on the way and due to recent events, talk became dresses, rings and weddings.

At the beach I chatted to Tim and Katie. I'm not sure what we talked about but it was pleasant enough. Later talking to Rach and Kaye conversation turned to the Bible and that was fun. Having both of them considering going to Bible College, I didn't have to worry about having boring Bible conversation. Good stuff, although I would say it was only about 5 minutes of talk all up.

Going home we picked up Jo, dropped Sal home and checked out her Christmas lights. Then it was off the Castle's with us. We arrived and watched the end of Life of Brian before heading out to look at Christmas lights. Chris, Keith, Jem, David, Jo and I all piled into the HannahVan and enjoyed the offerings of Mt Colah. They were mostly pretty poor really. Most people had turned their lights off. That may have been due to the fact that it was 11:30pm, but still it was Christmas night, you'd think you could leave them on till midnight?

Everyone went home after that. David and I dropped Jo home. I took the opportunity to take David to my office to find my sunglasses which turned up after 5 minutes of intense searching.

And now my Christmas night is blogged too.

Perhaps tomorrow I won't blog so much.