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I think I need to catch up.

I had a 4 hour holiday on Thursday night to Manly. That was fun. No stress for a few hours. Good stuff.

Yesterday I woke up bright an early at 5:50am for scripture seminars. I picked up Tanya and Mike, and we headed off to the school. The school was very nice to us and the kids were really well behaved. It's good fun doing them. We got to tell the gospel, although not as conventionally as most scripture seminars. Sarah spoke about her time in Romania and told lots of good stories. All the kids listened. We prepared candles to be given out for Christmas presents in Kings Cross. 'Twas very nice. Everyone got into it. I never got to lead a small group, I never planned it that way but it never happened. The Vice Principal introduced me to years 7 and 8 as "Mr French". That was funny, but then I had to tell them all to call me Tom and I felt a little bad destroying all his hardwork of telling people my name. By year 9 I asked to be called Tom.

Anys it was good to talk about Jesus to people who don't know him. That's good fun.

It was very wet yesterday and I got lots of water in the bottom of my shoes.

Mike and I ate lunch together at the little shopping centre. Then headed back to the school for the lunch time group which was pretty crazy. They all were noisy and talked a lot. Oh well, had a bit of a laugh.

Staff meeting. I tried to stay wake and my feet were freezing the whole time. I drove home when it finished to put on some long pants, put on some dry socks, and find some dry shoes. Sadly the only shoes I had were my sandals. So I wore my socks and sandals back to work and looked terrible. Many people thought it was quote funny. Rob thought it was very funny, he said it made his day and he had a pretty bad day so my feet must have looked pretty bad. I ran youth group in my socks, feeling perhaps wearing my sandals would get me laughed at. It did.