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I've made a few plans for my summer over the past month. These are some of the things I want to do over the remaining two months (in the order I remember them):

- Wear shoes less, and get tough feet
- Swim more
- Swim at the beach more
- Swim at the beach more and enjoy it
- Get brown (Well at least off white or something rather less reflective than I am now)
- Actively seek God's kingdom and righteousness first
- Be ready
- Relax

If I manage to do all that I'll be a prepared and chilled out, hobbit-footed, beach loving, Kingdom seeking, tanned Tom.

I think I'm least worried about being tanned. Skin cancer doesn't appeal to me too much so I'll keep putting on sunscreen. I'm good at that.

I'm also going to try really hard and stay single the whole of summer because I think I've at least got a pretty good chance of achieving that (and I wanna be successful at something).